Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mini Twee

Here are some more pictures of the lovely Jerome Dreyfuss Mini Twee. The leather is beautiful. Everything is carefully thought out. There's a flashlight, a keyholder, and a mirror * love*! There's a back pocket as well, and space for credit cards inside. It goes beautifully with my Dicker boots in taupe. Best thing about it - there's no room for pacifiers or toys, only my things! Not to mention the tricolore....

It got it's first outing last night with my Rodebjer pants, Etoile tunic and IM boots. Kind of hard to see it there, but you'll surely see more pictures of it later on.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wishlist 2011

I've tried to keep a mental list of what I miss in my wardrobe. This is the first time I've actually written it down. I really don't know if it'll change my shopping habits, I rarely buy on impulse. Maybe I'll be a bit more focused , and if not, I love writing lists and had fun doing it! I've also done some wardrobe editing, and sold quite a few things on Ebay. I already got one thing that was missing - the black trousers, and I'm very happy with them. I'm not planning on a huge shopping spree, these are all things I'll look for throughout the year.

1. The perfect black blazer/jacket. This is a neverending story. I'm not thinking spring/summer jacket, more something that can be worn all year round. I'd love for it to be something like this:

Photo by Garance Doré.

2. A small cross body bag, you might have seen it before, Jerome Dreyfuss Mini Twee. A small bag that's easily carried and can't get too heavy.

Nitty Gritty

3.Some kind of sandals with heels, a summer equivalent to the IM booties that completes an outfit. A comfortable heel heigh (like the IM boots), black or tan leather. It's very unlikely that I'll find them, I have been looking for years. A.P.C might be the place to look. My favourite store here will be getting A.P.C.s wedge espandrilles, they're available online now. I'll have to see them in person before I know if they're what I'm looking for. They're pretty pricey, I don't like to pay that much for sandals, they don't last as long as boots. I'm not 100 % convinced about the rope, but that might change when I see them.

4. Spring jacket. I have an Etoile boulce tweed jacket that I'll be able to wear soon. However, it's wool and will be too warm. It's more of a fall jacket. I'm looking for something roomier, that I can wear a sweater underneath. I'm still thinking Etoile's Chuck jacket.

5. Black slouchy skinny jeans. I've been eying these, but I'm not sure if they're perfect. I'll wait and hope that J Brand Krys comes in black.

Revolve Clothing.

6. Basic black good quality sweater. I really like this Hope sweater, and the fact that it's linen/cotton.

7. Shorts, preferably in linen. I hardly ever wear skirts during summer, a dress sometimes, but I find shorts more convenient for my lifestyle. I have an A.P.C pair, and an old Henrik Vibskov pair that's about to fall apart. I like these Etoile, but I'm not sure about the waist, and definitely not in this colour, they'd get dirty in a second!

Mrs H

Those of you who write shopping/wishlists, is it working out for you? Does it keep you more focused, do you actually only look for items on your list? I hardly ever go out to "go shopping", I mostly do some online reasearch and go to my favourite stores once or twice a month when I run errands in that area .

Friday, March 25, 2011


Spring is in the air, it's Friday and payday - in all, a good day! I've had a busy week, so today I'll only post an outfit. Etoile sweater, J Brand jeans and Isabel Marant boots. I'm preparing a wishlist, and will post it soon.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Per request :), here's number 11 On my style list, knits. I'm so looking forward to wearing cotton knits instead of wool knits. Because of the long winters here, wool knits are essential in my wardrobe. I used to love cardigans, but after two pregnancies in four years with the daily uniform: skinny maternity jeans- maternity top and cardigan, I feel ambivalent about them. I still think that they're great for dressing down an outfit, especially dresses. I've used crew neck sweaters more this winter. I used to only wear cashmere, because my skin is so senitive, but this winter I've used two mohair sweaters with a top underneath, and they haven't itched a bit. I don't find cashmere hard to care for, I wash them like I do with almost all my tops, in mesh laundry bags, with wool/silk detergent in the gentle cycle. I usually go for basic colours like black, grey and navy when it comes to knits, but there are a few exceptions. The first picture is a glimpse of some of my fall/winter knits, and the second is of the spring/summer knits. There's Hope, Etoile, Acne, Zero Maria Cornejo, Loft design by, Comme des Garcons Play and A.P.C. I don't wear a lot of Acne clothing, which in Sweden is quite unusual, they are the design gods here. I just don't find the design that intriguing, but when it comes to knits they make some great cashmere, cotton and silk basics.

Today I've been wearing an Etoile knit, J Brand jeans and IM booties. The sweater has a back neck opening, but I've worn a tank top as well, it's still pretty chilly.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I've been thinking about how I tend to get multiples since this post at Mommy style. Sometimes I get neurotic about wearing a garment that I love until it falls apart, that I'll never be able to find anything like it. This happened with these Rodebjer pants. I got them in black first, probably five years ago, added a navy pair, then a slightly striped pair and finally the greyish/black ones I'm wearing in the first picture. The are a bit different, three are ankle length, and the grey ones are full length (on me, but I'm short). The material and knee details are different as well. Of course I love the first ones more than the others...that probably happens often when you get multiples. Anyways, they're great basics and go with most things in my wardrobe. All of them were on sale, except the first pair. I've noticed that I often look for garnments I love in different colours, but I try to keep it to tanks, tees and sometimes jeans. I guess the IM booties fall into this category as well. I've seen the heather grey top I'm wearing in a dark grey version, but that's probably a case where I'd feel like I'm wearing the same thing every day. Still fighting the urge, though..:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


New stripey?
New stripey? by Garderob featuring boyfriend cropped jeans
When I took pictures of my stripey tops for the previous post I noticed that there were holes in two of them. The T by Alexander Wang and another one by Carin Wester that isn't in the picture. The hole in the Wang top is pretty big. It's a "Dry clean only" , but it's linen, so I've washed it in cold water. I got it about a year ago, and haven't washed it that many times, and always in a washing bag. My first and last T by Alexander Wang. A.P.C´s cotton long sleeves usually last a very long time.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

On my style

A common post in blogs is a list of what defines your style. I love reading lists, and find them quite useful and inspiring. So, about me:

1) I love shoes. I have more than I need, but it's my soft spot. Ankle boots in particular...They are perfect for the climate here, as long as there's no snow. I live in the south of Sweden, and we haven't had any snow for two months now, a fact that my feet celebrate! My Margiela shearling boots saved me in December- mid-January, but I was so sick of wearing them every day. I don't own any pumps, I feel more comfortable with my Isabel Marant boots.

With heels - L.D Tuttle, Hope, Isabel Marant.
Flat - A.P.C, Hope*2


2) I love stripes. When I was a teenager, all the "indie kids" wore stripes. I was an indie kid, which means that I listened to mostly British independent bands; Ride, Charlatans, The Stone Roses and so on. I haven't fallen out of love with the stripes yet.

Hope, T by Alexander Wang, Hope, Permanent Vacation and A.P.C

3) I'm pretty obsessed with fabrics - cotton, silk, cashmere and linen are my favourites.

Silk shirt Boy by Band of Outsiders, Etoile linen long sleeve and Luella cashmere cardigan.

4) I also love plaid. That's probably another remnant from my teens when I was in love with Kurt Cobain, I was a grunge girl too. I still have a thing for grandpa cardigans.

Etoile/IM plaids.

5) I hardly ever wear tees. I wear long sleeves or tank tops. I have no idea why. I wear short sleeved tees all the time now - I guess I've found the right ones:)!

6) I more of a shoe than a bag person, if I had to choose. I think that shoes complete an outfit in a way that a bag can't. I have one bag for work, a big tan Hope shopper. I use my Jerome Dreyfuss Billy when I don't work. I have an old Alek Wek, WEK1933, messenger that I really like as well. When I go out for a drink/beer, I have small black bag by w.e.r.n . I've been eying another Jerome Dreyfuss bag for quite some time now. My Billy is to big to carry around when I take the kids to the park, or meet friends. I need a small cross body bag that I don't have to leave on the stroller, and that will just fit my things, no pacafiers or toys!

7) I prefer black, grey and all kinds of blue to bright colours. I love burgundy too.

8) I don't wear a lot of jewellery. I wear a Tissot watch and a silver bracelet+necklace by a jewellery designer called Vanja evey day.

9) I hardly ever wear skirts. I wear dresses occationally, and shorts during summer.

10) I almost always wear skinny jeans, but as you might have noticed, I'm trying to change that:)!

Does all this make my style seem incoherent? I really don't know. I like good quality basics with subtle details, but sometimes fall in love with a print as well. More often plaid than prints, though. I'd love to see your lists!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Western influence, not taken quite as far as Isabel Marant P/H 2011:)! An Etoile plaid shirt, J Brand jeans and IM boots.
Today: Hope top, J Brand jeans and flat A.P.C lace up boots.
I've been looking for a pretty basic loose knit black sweater for quite some time now. I think that this might be the one. I love the material, linen and cotton. The buttoning at back, and the contrast stiching, are nice details. A great black sweater and black slouchy skinny jeans are what's missing from my wardrobe.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Burgundy+blue by Garderob featuring a mandarin collar jacket
I love the colour combination burgundy and blue. This shirt is beautiful, and quite expensive. I got the Rag & Bone flats on final sale last year, when it was already too cold to wear them. I'm hoping I'll be able to soon. I just sold my A.P.C spring coat, but I still have this jacket for chilly spring mornings. The Etoile jacket in the picture is nice, but not what I'm looking for. I would still like to try the Etoile Chuck. I've seen the longer version of the jacket, Clark, in a light blue colour here at Metier. A blue Chuck might work, right?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something special

I've been inspired by Mommy style to get things out of the vault. I usually clean out my close a few times a year, and sell clothes that I don't use anymore. This Hussein Chalayan top always stays, although I hardly ever wear it. It's the "dry clean only" thing again. This top is viscose with silk sleeves, and I think I'd shrink the viscose but not the sleeves if I'd wash it. There's something special about it, and I'm having a hard time letting it go. I got it for New Year's eve 2007, the first new year's celebration with my daughter. Still, it bothers me to keep things I don't wear, just because they're pretty. Should I let it go? Do you have any special hard to let go clothes/shoes?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

To keep?

So, I got these Isabel Marant trousers from Net-a-Porter. The fabric is lovely, tencel/linen blend. I like the fit, although I'd prefer them a little bit slimmer. I've been looking for the perfect black pants forever. I don't know if these are the ones. I might be too short? Besides that, it's "dry clean only". I avoid that as much as I can, it's expensive and inconvenient. Usually I hand wash dry clean only garnments, but these are expensive trousers and I'd be afraid to ruin them. I have an old pair of washed out greyish black Etoile linen pants, that are similair in style, but not as beautiful when it comes to the fabric. I think they might have to go back, and I'll stick with the Etoile trousers and my usual skinny jeans. Any thoughts? The first two pictures are of the new trousers, the one with the sandals are the old ones.


Sorry about the quality, my camera isn't reliable at all. Today I've been wearing an old Etoile navy/black raw silk shirt, Rag & Bone cords and Hope Macy boots.
I really have to move the picture on the wall when I take photoes, it's so disturbing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Once a week or so I try to wear something other than jeans. During summer it's easier, thin cotton or linen trousers, but for now I have these Etoile wool trousers that are like a sweatpant/mens trouser combination. With Hope top and Hope boots.