Friday, October 28, 2011

Bunny rabbit

I recently got my hands on an Isabel Marant jacket that I've been looking for for a long time. The jacket is brand new, but was part of the 2008 (?) collection. I love the shape and the washed out colour, but I'm hesitant about the detachable rabbit fur collar. I've never owned anything fur in my life, but have tons of leather shoes/boots. I really love leather. Fur is different, thought. I find it hard to believe that this rabbit ended up as food. I might also add that I haven't eaten red meat in 17 years. I was a vegetarian for seven years, but couldn't resist the thought of canned tuna :), so I eat fish. It makes no sense, so maybe I'm as inconsistent when it comes to fur/leather as when it comes to food. I would never wear a fur coat, but I love A.P.C's sheepskin coat - hypocrite again! So, I'm trying to figure out if I'm OK with this fur collar. I could use the jacket without the collar, but it doesn't look half as nice. Sorry about the pictures, it's so hard to photograph black. What's your take on fur, or fur details?

Isabel Marant Etoile jacket, Rag & Bone cords, Isabel Marant boots and scarf.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The shirt

I love the way Emmanuelle Alt wears her shirts, in that half tucked way that seems so easy, but is quite hard to get right. It seems like my shirts are either too long, too short or too fitted. I've been looking for the button-down Isabel Marant Etoile shirt she's wearing for quite a while, but no luck yet. There will be a second Marant delivery at a store here later this week, so I'm hoping I'll find it. It just seems like the kind of shirt I'be been looking for, and I love the colour. For now my Laurence Doligé shirt will have to do, with a Hope belt and boots and J Brand jeans. It's not a button-down so it's pretty much a different look. I've never owned a classic blue Oxford shirt, or a white shirt for that matter, I just can't get it right. It looks too formal, but I love it on other people. I always look for a more relaxed fit and look, and usually go for plaid ones. I've also tried a lovely A.P.C denim shirt, but it didn't look good on me either. This was actually what I wore earlier this week before fall decided to take a break and all of a sudden it's summer again! I've really enjoyed the past couple of days, I think that we'll need it to get through winter.


Update - I've found it!


Dressing for fall

Dressing for fall by garderob

One of my favourite months, October, is here. It's kind of hard to believe considering the summerlike temperatures we've enjoyed for a couple of days. I still have a serious thing for all things burgundy, but €375 for this 100% polyester blouse is just madness. It's polyester! I've splurged on a burgundy A.P.C wool sweater instead, it'll last for many years. I have the cashmere scarf, I got it on sale a year ago, I think they're making the exact same style/colour this year again. I wouldn't pay full price for it, but considering the price per wear for me, it's a good buy. It's incredibly soft. This Demeulemeester necklace is probably the prettiest necklace I've ever seen, I'm seriously considering a Demeulemeester necklace savings account. I've never spent that much on a piece of jewellery, but in some ways it makes more sense than a pair of boots (which is what I usually spend my $ on), right?