Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The past few weeks have been the most exhausting weeks of my life. I'm glad that it's over, and at the same time sad. I hope that we'll be able to stop by the house sometimes and have a look at the cherry tree we've planted in the garden for my daughter.
I did have a really nice break at the festival, though. I really needed it. It was wonderful as always - great people, sunny weather and good music -  listen to this girl, from a completely different occation:
She was amazing. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but here are a few:

The view from our cottage.

This is where we stayed.

Now I have to catch up on my blog list!


  1. Welcome back! I missed catching up on your updates and hope you are well. The last photo is particularly stunning!


  2. welcome back!! such lovely photos, I agree with 1957, the last photo is completely unreal.

  3. Welcome back! These pictures are lovely. It sounds like the music festival was a well-deserved break. I hope you're doing well!

  4. What an adorable cabin you got to stay in! Super jealous. Good to have you back.

  5. 1957 - Thanks for stopping by! I'm doing much better now, just a bit tired.
    S - I wish I would have taken more photos, it's so pretty there, almost unreal.
    jennifer - Thanks! It feels good to be home again.
    R A - Isn't it cute? I just can't sleeep in a tent anymore, I always used to do that at festivals, but it's such a pain...

  6. welcome back! the cherry tree sounds wonderful, such a poetic thing to do. i've found that reading a wonderful novel or music often can help me through emotional times. i hope you are doing well.

  7. Welcome back! I've missed reading your blog.

    The Cherry tree sounds so tranquil. I hope you were able to relax a bit. These pictures have such a peaceful quality to them. They put me at ease.