Tuesday, April 3, 2012



April by garderob

I've been looking for new sandals for quite a while now, even though I won't be able to wear them yet. I came across these the other day, and I'm picking them up later today. I think they might be just what I've been looking for. When the temperatures rises I always find myself drawn to crazy printed pants like these, even though they are less boho than the ones I usually go for. 
I've been a terrible blogger for quite a while now, it seems like I never find the time to write a decent post.  I'm thinking that I should get a Flickr account instead. We'll see. So, for now, here's what I'm wearing today!

Etoile dress/oversized sweater, J Brand jeans and Isabel Marant bracelet and boots. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012



March by garderob 

Even though we've had a few springlike days, I still have to wait at least a month to be able to pull off an outfit like this without freezing to death. I'm so looking forward to it.  I love the sunglasses, but my Karen Walker still work for me, even though my daugher bent them out of shape when they were brand new. I had to leave the house and get a coffee to calm down, and later an optician fixed them for me. Need I you that I was much relieved?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Altering and painting shoes

Ever since I got my Helmut Lang blazer I've been thinking that the shoulders are too strong for me. The shoulder pads are huge, definitely intentionally, to create a strong Lang look. I used the blazer, but never felt quite comfortable wearing it even though I love everything else about it. I finally decided to bring it to a tailor to see what she could do about it. She removed the pads and tried with some smaller ones, but it didn't turn out good. So finally she altered it completely and removed the shoulder pads and about an inch of the width of the shoulders.  Some people might think that that having a designer's piece altered in a way that completely changes the designer's idea would be a faux pas. I was very hesitant about it, but really wanted to wear it more often and feel comfortable about it. I'm so happy with the result. It still has a great shape, and I don't feel self-conscious wearing it. What do you think, am I guilty of  blasphemy?

Helmut Lang blazer, Etoile linen tee, Rag & Bone jeans and L.D Tuttle boots

I had a similair problem with my green suede L.D Tuttle boots. I mean, green suede, what was I thinking? They hardly go with anything. I love the design, and finally decided to get some black suede paint and dye them myself. I actually painted them with a paintbrush. I was nervous about it at first, but happy with the result. 

I've had quite a few thing altered recently, and for me it's been a great way to improve my closet. It takes some guts and a tailor you can trust!

On a completely different note, lately I've been so tired of my wool cardigans and knits. I'm so ready for spring knits and boots! The weather today is actually very spring-like, so here's what I'm wearing today. An open knit with a shirt, a nice alternative to a cardigan. 

Isabel Marant Etoile knit and shirt, J Brand jeans and Isabel Marant boots

Monday, January 16, 2012



January by garderob

This polyvore collage definitely isn't weather appropriate, at least not here. It's still freezing, and spring is nowhere in sight. I'm a bit obesessed with this overpriced  blouse, as well as the cords. I have a thing for cords. I'd wear them with my A.P.C wedges, cognac sandals or the lovely Jenny boots. Lots of Marant here, but even though the collection seemed just awful on the runway I knew there'd be lots of good stuff when it hit the shelves. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The holy Bator

I hope you've had a great Christmas and New year's! I'm having two weeks off from work, which means that I'm more exhausted than ever since I spend all that time with my kids! I've enjoyed celebrating Christmas with them, even though it was also hard being the first Christmas without my dad.
Besides eating chocolate and saffron rolls, I've also finally laid my hands on something I've been looking for for years, my holy grail, Isabel Marant's Bator coat. It wasn't available anywhere around here in 2009, so I gave up and got the longer Etoile version of the Bator, the Ben coat, in 2010, which was such a disappointment! There was heavy pilling, so I sold it. I thought I could end this obsession with the linen spring/summer version of the coat, the Chuck. I got it, wore it to death but it didn't in any way make me stop thinking about the Bator. So, I finally found it, used of course, but still everything I was hoping for.

 Isabel Marant coat and boots, Rag & Bone cords, Rodebjer shirt.

I also got some good basics on sale, a great black very simple Rodebjer shirt and a cardigan, a black Isabel Marant leather belt, an Etoile burgundy tencel/cashmere/silk tee and an Etoile knit. I've been resisting this knit for a couple of months, but at 40% off I finally gave in.

Same boots and pants, Rodebjer shirt and belt.

Same boots and pants, Isabel Marant Etoile knit, Hope belt.

Etoile tee, Isabel Marant belt and Rodebjer cardigan

This is actually a lot more than I was planning for, and seeing it like this is a bit nauseating. The things I like usually never make it to the sales, but I guess I was just lucky this year. I try really hard not to go crazy and buy stuff that I don't really love/need just because it's 50% off, but I know that these will get lots of use. Did you do a better job resisting the sales?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Vanessa Bruno coat from Forwardbyrevolve

I saw this Vanessa Bruno coat a few months ago, and haven't been able to forget about it. I'm usually not into crochet details, but these are so subtle and beautifully made. It's very expensive, even on sale, but the quality is probably good. This would be a perfect Christmas present, but the only way that'll happen is if I get it myself. I'd style it with things I already have/or similair. The Balenciaga Chelsea boots are on my wish list as well.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter dress

Winter here hasn't been harsh, but it's slowly getting colder. No snow yet, so I've been able to wear my Marant boots. Today was colder than usual, so I decided to wear my Margiela shearling boots, they've been in their box since March. I was extatic to be able to put them away, but I knew that I'd feel good about them again. They're one of my best buys ever. I hardly ever wear dresses, I own one A.P.C summer dress, and this A.P.C wool dress. It's one of those classic A.P.C pieces that I'm happy to put on every year. However, after reading this post by Lin I'm feeling really torn about A.P.C. I had no idea that Jean Touitou is such a douche! I guess this isn't the first time designers that I like come across as completely ignorant. I remember a quote by Ms Marant in Elle UK when she was compared to Vanessa Bruno: "She designs for blondes, I do brunettes". I don't think Touitou's opinions will keep me from buying A.P.C, but they definitely make me feel less enthusiastic about the clothes.

A.P.C dress, Margiela boots and Rag & Bone cashmere leg warmers