Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter dress

Winter here hasn't been harsh, but it's slowly getting colder. No snow yet, so I've been able to wear my Marant boots. Today was colder than usual, so I decided to wear my Margiela shearling boots, they've been in their box since March. I was extatic to be able to put them away, but I knew that I'd feel good about them again. They're one of my best buys ever. I hardly ever wear dresses, I own one A.P.C summer dress, and this A.P.C wool dress. It's one of those classic A.P.C pieces that I'm happy to put on every year. However, after reading this post by Lin I'm feeling really torn about A.P.C. I had no idea that Jean Touitou is such a douche! I guess this isn't the first time designers that I like come across as completely ignorant. I remember a quote by Ms Marant in Elle UK when she was compared to Vanessa Bruno: "She designs for blondes, I do brunettes". I don't think Touitou's opinions will keep me from buying A.P.C, but they definitely make me feel less enthusiastic about the clothes.

A.P.C dress, Margiela boots and Rag & Bone cashmere leg warmers


  1. That's a really cute cold-weather outfit! I like the contrast of the legwarmers with your boots and tights.

    I remember reading that quote from IM too. She's also said some things about designing for particular body types that bothered me too. As much as I like to learn about the creative process of the designers I like, I try my best not to read interviews with them. Too often do they say things that irritate me!

  2. jennifer - Thanks! Oh, I I remember that too, but not exactly what she said. I think I'll avoid interviews too. Sometimes I think that it's a language issue, that they don't really mean for it to come out the way it does, but I'm not sure.

  3. i love this look on you! it's a nice change from your usual silhouette! and i heart those margielas! i remember eyeing those last year.

    i think it's better to worry about whether a piece of clothing is well- and ethically made rather than whether its designer says idiotic things from time to time.

  4. I guess sometime we put people we admire on a pedestal, but in reality few people turn out perfect, or near-perfect. Maybe he was misquoted, maybe he'll grow up. Douche or not, lovely dress!

  5. Love this outfit.
    I am also feeling similarly regarding apc, etc. About consumerism in general recently, which is causing me to stand back a little, to reassess how I feel about it all.
    Intrigued by the IM quote (hadn't hard of it previously).
    To conclude, this world simply baffles me!

  6. mel - Thanks! I usually don't feel comfortable wearing dresses, but this one always works! I agree, it's definitely better to worry about the ethical aspects of a piece of clothing.

    lin - I know, I've bought A.P.C since the late 90's, and never read an interview with him before, so it was a bit disappointing. And thanks!

    LapindeLune - I know, the Marant quote is, hm, interesting...and it's not the only one that baffled me!

  7. That outfit suits you well, it's really cute. Clean line dresses are my favourite in cold weather just like the one you're wearing.

    What I "love" about Winter is that it forces you (sometimes)to try to shake things up a bit style wise to beat the gloomy atmosphere.

    I've seen the leg warmers picking out of boots look but it always felt kind of gimmicky, too youthful or too fashionista for me but you make me want to try it on because it looks fresh and "normal" on you.

    About the Marant/Touitou, shall I add Galliano, Dov Charvey (among the most famous) to the mix of baffling attitude-comments?
    I think these people live in bubbles and are deeply ignorant. It's not an excuse for their silly/offensive words yet when you see the way this industry works, it's not a surprise really.

    The latest comment Coco Rocha made about her debut as a model and the weight issue, the racial discrimination, the conflict of interests (Vogue Paris/ Roitfeld), all these issues have been going on for years and aside from the occasional vow to change, nothing ever does. It's like there's this immunity and they can do, say whatever pops in their mind as long as they bring the cash in (as wee keep buying) and don't go too much overboard. In the case of Galliano, he was only fired because he was stupid enough to get caught, otherwise it seemed he wasn't a first time offender...

  8. Aïssa - Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it. I know, I think that leg warmers are kind of youthful too, but they are so practical. I ride my bike from the train station to work, and I like being able to pull them up so it doesn't get too cold.
    Well, Galliano is in a totally different league, and Charvey too. I have never been part of the industry, but it seems like a place I'd rather stay out of. I haven't heard of Coco Rochas's comments, I'll have to google it!

  9. i am a selective fan of APC so i've never particularly idolized the brand. i wonder to what extent Toitou's attitude is common in the industry, only other designers are smart enough not to spout them off in an interview...

    anyway, you look warm and chic! love those margielas...:)

  10. miss sophie - I think that you're probably right, other designers keeep it to themselves! Thanks:)! Do you miss your Margielas, or isn't it cold enough?

  11. oh, its definitely cold enough. subtropical damp wintry chill manages to feel colder than a drier climate. i miss my Margielas and many many other things in my *other closet back home! :( oh well. but the bf is bringing me a pair of (gasp) Uggs next week when he visits so at least i'll be warm and cozy shuffling around in my apartment this winter!

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