Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dixies and plaid

Isabel Marant raw silk plaid shirt, J Brand jeans and Dixie boots.
I succumbed to the Dixie boots. I tend to always look for slighly better, or just different, versions of boots and shoes that I already have, and that I'm perfectly happy with. It's a really annoying and irrational habit. This happened when I saw Isabel Marant's Dixie boots. I have the Dicker boots in both leather and taupe suede. I wear the leather ones more than the taupe suede ones, I'm a bit scared that I'll get them dirty or ruin them since they're so light. I can't say that I love the Dixies more than the Dickers, I like them equally, but they are quite different and so comfortable. The colour, cognac, is a lot nicer than it looks like in the pictures. I should have taken a close-up photo, but now I've dropped them of at my cobbler for a protective sole and new heel caps, the plastic ones that they come with fall apart after a couple of weeks so I figured I might as well replace them now. Unbelievable for such expensive boots. I've decided that I can't justify keeping my taupe suede Dicker boots, even though they're so pretty, so they're on eBay now, here, along with my A.P.C black lace up boots and some Etoile tops. All things I really like but that don't get enough wear.
When I find something I really love, like the leather Dickers, I worry that I might wear them too much, and that I'll never be able to find them again, so I tend to get something similair to alternate with. Do you also worry that your most beloved boots/clothes will never be able to be replaced if you wear them until they fall apart?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Transitional pieces - fall

Transitional pieces - fall
Transitional pieces - fall by garderob

Tomorrow is the last day of my nine weeks off from work. I can't complain, nine weeks is a pretty long time, but I'm not quite over summer yet. We've had more rain than usual here, so I could easily enjoy a few more sunny weeks. Going back to work always means that fall is approaching, and early fall, September/
October, is my favourite season when it comes to dressing. I love knits, boots, layering and coats. So, playing around on polyvore, I created two sets of what I'd like to wear this fall. Lots of black, I guess I've missed it, even though I wear black year round. I decided to keep the sunglasses in the sets for at least a month or two!
The Hope Chy boots and Isabel Marant's Dixie boots are my current obsessions, but besides that, I think I can pretty easily make my own versions of these looks. Oh, except the bags too:)! The Hope pants are my favourite pants, I've worn them all summer, but they will work with boots and a knit or blazer too. I love the Etoile sweater, and I've tried it on, but the neck with leather trim means dry clean only - definitely off-putting.
Are you ready to leave summer behind and get into a layering mood?