Monday, August 8, 2011

Transitional pieces - fall

Transitional pieces - fall
Transitional pieces - fall by garderob

Tomorrow is the last day of my nine weeks off from work. I can't complain, nine weeks is a pretty long time, but I'm not quite over summer yet. We've had more rain than usual here, so I could easily enjoy a few more sunny weeks. Going back to work always means that fall is approaching, and early fall, September/
October, is my favourite season when it comes to dressing. I love knits, boots, layering and coats. So, playing around on polyvore, I created two sets of what I'd like to wear this fall. Lots of black, I guess I've missed it, even though I wear black year round. I decided to keep the sunglasses in the sets for at least a month or two!
The Hope Chy boots and Isabel Marant's Dixie boots are my current obsessions, but besides that, I think I can pretty easily make my own versions of these looks. Oh, except the bags too:)! The Hope pants are my favourite pants, I've worn them all summer, but they will work with boots and a knit or blazer too. I love the Etoile sweater, and I've tried it on, but the neck with leather trim means dry clean only - definitely off-putting.
Are you ready to leave summer behind and get into a layering mood?


  1. I also really love fall dressing, although it's not been very hot around here, so I still enjoy the occasional warm day. Both outfits are so nice, I can totally picture you in both. I think that's the burgundy version of the tee that I left at Barneys. Required a lot of will power, lol. Will you be wearing more pants this fall?

  2. I *may* plonk down for the Dixie boots since it's in black and I've been pining over them for a pretty long time. I wonder if it runs true to size. How did/do the Dickers fit?

  3. I like the grey/black patterned sweater and the burgundy with largely black ensembles. The acrylic content is more of a turn off for me with that sweater. The internet is really not convincing me that this Marant lady is worth the hype.

    Summer is a year round thing, so I don’t get excited about layering unless I plan on going on vacation in the fall.

  4. i just heard about the swedish parental leave laws. for an american, this is mind-bogglingly amazing.

    fall is also my favorite season. leather jacket and ankle boot weather is my favorite time of year! :)

  5. I love both outfits, casual and elegant at the same time but I'm so not ready yet to think about Fall because we're basically already living it, with layers and all!! It's too early non?
    September is my birthday month and one of my favorite time of the year. It's always felt like a new beginning.
    Hope you'll enjoy this new phase of your life as well. Good luck with going back to your work!

  6. S - The tee is lovely, I've tried in on in green, but I left the store without it too! Yes, I'll definitely wear more pants this fall, I've been inspired by you, haha!

    Amanda - the cognac ones might be coming my way soon, the colour is so pretty, I won't be able to resist them :)! And my guess is that they run small, like most French shoes do. I'm usually a size 37, but my Dickers are both size 38. I've had two more pairs that I've sold, in 38 too. I wear them with a leather insole, otherwise they might be a bit big, but 37 would be too small. I like wearing insoles anyway, it protects them.

    Prêt à Porter P - I know, the acrylic content is a huge turn off for me too. Too bad, I love the pattern but don't want to pay that kind of money for acrylic. I don't get it, why use acrylic? I still love many Marant pieces with excellent quality, but you never know for sure, and that's a problem.

    miss sophie - I know, I get that reaction often when I talk to Americans. I've actually been on vacation for 9 weeks, not maternity leave, but I was on maternity leave for 14 months with my daughter, and 8 months with my son. My husband has been on paternity leave with both of them for 6 months each. 8 months is considered a very short time here, haha!

    Aïssa - I agree, I guess the weather is Paris has been pretty much like the weather here - lots and lots of rain! Not cold, but still, where's the sun? Tomorrow's my birthday, and also my first day at work again, so I need some sunshine! Thanks, I'm sure I'll feel like I haven't been away from work at all in a few days!

  7. love both these outfits! i was just in paris too, braving the spring-like weather. i'm still ready for summer - haha! i saw a zip-up jacket in the fabric of the first sweater that was great. have you seen that yet?

    also, our of curiousity, what do you think about the IM sneakers? everyone in paris was wearing them.

  8. mel - oh, Paris, I'm jealous! No, I haveen't seen the jacket, but the sweater is really nice. I just wish it wasn't mainly acrylic and dry clean only. I'm still very tempted by it though, lol!
    I've never seen the sneakers in person, so it's hard to say. I sort of like the low top version in burgundy, but I think I'd like it more if it wasn't for the wedge, it's a bit too much 90's for me, haha! I also wouldn't pay that much for sneakers. I think that it's the kind of shoe I could fall in love with if I tried it on. Did you find any nice things there?

  9. So ready for Autumn and layering. I much prefer A/W clothes and I love what you've put together, in particular the blazer and Marant sweater.x

  10. paris was lovely (in spite of the weather). i was there for the sales, and i was able to pick up the ritchi sweater in the red/blue/ivory colorway. it's not very practical (it's a sweater with holes lol) but i really love it anyway. nothing else from IM, though i was sorely tempted by some of the fall pieces.

    i tried on the low tops and they are kind of great. they really elongate the leg. but i agree with you - so nineties and ridiculous to pay that much for sneakers.

    i also pawed the celine bags at printemps. man, in another life i will own the classic box.

  11. Lovely outfits! I cannot wait for fall. Bring on the knits and boots!

    I hope your return to work is going smoothly. 9 week of vacation?! Is that normal? If so, you lucky Swedes. :)

  12. Milly - today feels like fall here, but I'm not quite ready yet!
    mel - I have that sweater in the version without the holes, it might be called Roy. I love it and the colours.I feel the same way about the box bag...
    jennifer - No, 9 weeks isn't normal, 5-6 weeks of vacation/year is normal. My long summer vacation is the only benefit that comes with this job, haha, to compensate for the ridiculously low salary. I have about 13-14 weeks off/year.

  13. We haven't had much summer here in the Pacific NW, but it's pleasantly warm still. As such, I haven't ventured much from my usual uniform - skinny jeans, leather jacket, and a tee.
    I most look forward to changing my handbag. I usually keep two handbags - one for the warmer months and one for the cooler months.

  14. I adore the pants in the second outfit!!! (really both are amazing...) are those the Hope pants?

    I love your blog and your style!

  15. chic_e - It's still pleasantly warm here too now. I wear my Jerome Dreyfuss Billy bag a lot more during fall/winter, so I'm looking forward to that too!

    gwyn - yes, those are the Hope pants, my favourites (you can click on the images for more info). And thanks:)!!