Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Vanessa Bruno coat from Forwardbyrevolve

I saw this Vanessa Bruno coat a few months ago, and haven't been able to forget about it. I'm usually not into crochet details, but these are so subtle and beautifully made. It's very expensive, even on sale, but the quality is probably good. This would be a perfect Christmas present, but the only way that'll happen is if I get it myself. I'd style it with things I already have/or similair. The Balenciaga Chelsea boots are on my wish list as well.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter dress

Winter here hasn't been harsh, but it's slowly getting colder. No snow yet, so I've been able to wear my Marant boots. Today was colder than usual, so I decided to wear my Margiela shearling boots, they've been in their box since March. I was extatic to be able to put them away, but I knew that I'd feel good about them again. They're one of my best buys ever. I hardly ever wear dresses, I own one A.P.C summer dress, and this A.P.C wool dress. It's one of those classic A.P.C pieces that I'm happy to put on every year. However, after reading this post by Lin I'm feeling really torn about A.P.C. I had no idea that Jean Touitou is such a douche! I guess this isn't the first time designers that I like come across as completely ignorant. I remember a quote by Ms Marant in Elle UK when she was compared to Vanessa Bruno: "She designs for blondes, I do brunettes". I don't think Touitou's opinions will keep me from buying A.P.C, but they definitely make me feel less enthusiastic about the clothes.

A.P.C dress, Margiela boots and Rag & Bone cashmere leg warmers

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The old but new perfect black pants

Earlier this year I got a pair of black pants (here). I wasn't sure about the fit, but I loved the fabric and the idea of finally finding the perfect pair. Well, they turned out not to be perfect. They were designed for a tall person, and were supposed to have a slim fit. I recently found another pair of really good black pants, so I decided to get the old ones altered. I brought the new ones to the tailor, and asked if she could make them just a bit slimmer. They turned out great! I wish that I'd do this more often. I guess I'm scared that I'll ruin the design (and a very expensive pair of pants!), but in this case they really weren't designed for my body type. It's also a matter of finding a good tailor that you can trust.

Isabel Marant trousers, Etoile tee and Hope boots.

Etoile trousers

The pants that inspired me to finally have them altered are quite similair, but the material is different, and they're less dressy. I'm so happy with my desicion, and just wish I'd done it sooner. Have you had anything altered that completely changed how you feel about it?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random loveliness

Baby mullet

 Vanilla rolls - made them today, so good (the secret is lots of butter).

Friday, November 4, 2011



November by garderob 

I have no idea why I'm all of a sudden in the mood for romantic blouses worn with knitted cardigans. Maybe it's because I was watching Never let me go the other night, but all of a sudden I feel like I should be taking a walk in the English countryside wearing something like this. I wouldn't mind wearing it here either.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bunny rabbit

I recently got my hands on an Isabel Marant jacket that I've been looking for for a long time. The jacket is brand new, but was part of the 2008 (?) collection. I love the shape and the washed out colour, but I'm hesitant about the detachable rabbit fur collar. I've never owned anything fur in my life, but have tons of leather shoes/boots. I really love leather. Fur is different, thought. I find it hard to believe that this rabbit ended up as food. I might also add that I haven't eaten red meat in 17 years. I was a vegetarian for seven years, but couldn't resist the thought of canned tuna :), so I eat fish. It makes no sense, so maybe I'm as inconsistent when it comes to fur/leather as when it comes to food. I would never wear a fur coat, but I love A.P.C's sheepskin coat - hypocrite again! So, I'm trying to figure out if I'm OK with this fur collar. I could use the jacket without the collar, but it doesn't look half as nice. Sorry about the pictures, it's so hard to photograph black. What's your take on fur, or fur details?

Isabel Marant Etoile jacket, Rag & Bone cords, Isabel Marant boots and scarf.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The shirt

I love the way Emmanuelle Alt wears her shirts, in that half tucked way that seems so easy, but is quite hard to get right. It seems like my shirts are either too long, too short or too fitted. I've been looking for the button-down Isabel Marant Etoile shirt she's wearing for quite a while, but no luck yet. There will be a second Marant delivery at a store here later this week, so I'm hoping I'll find it. It just seems like the kind of shirt I'be been looking for, and I love the colour. For now my Laurence Doligé shirt will have to do, with a Hope belt and boots and J Brand jeans. It's not a button-down so it's pretty much a different look. I've never owned a classic blue Oxford shirt, or a white shirt for that matter, I just can't get it right. It looks too formal, but I love it on other people. I always look for a more relaxed fit and look, and usually go for plaid ones. I've also tried a lovely A.P.C denim shirt, but it didn't look good on me either. This was actually what I wore earlier this week before fall decided to take a break and all of a sudden it's summer again! I've really enjoyed the past couple of days, I think that we'll need it to get through winter.


Update - I've found it!


Dressing for fall

Dressing for fall by garderob

One of my favourite months, October, is here. It's kind of hard to believe considering the summerlike temperatures we've enjoyed for a couple of days. I still have a serious thing for all things burgundy, but €375 for this 100% polyester blouse is just madness. It's polyester! I've splurged on a burgundy A.P.C wool sweater instead, it'll last for many years. I have the cashmere scarf, I got it on sale a year ago, I think they're making the exact same style/colour this year again. I wouldn't pay full price for it, but considering the price per wear for me, it's a good buy. It's incredibly soft. This Demeulemeester necklace is probably the prettiest necklace I've ever seen, I'm seriously considering a Demeulemeester necklace savings account. I've never spent that much on a piece of jewellery, but in some ways it makes more sense than a pair of boots (which is what I usually spend my $ on), right?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Transitional jackets

This time of year can be somewhat tricky when it comes to outerwear. Some days are really warm and summery, and some days it seems like it's November already. If it's chilly in the morning it can still be really warm by the time I go home from work. I rotate between an A.P.C safari jacket that I got on sale at 70% off earlier this summer (yay!), the Etoile Chuck jacket and the Helmut Lang blazer. The blazer is almost all wool, so it's been too warm for it until this past week. Along with a scarf and a cardigan these jackets will keep me warm for another month or so. They're completely different, but work for different occations. The safari jacket is perfect for hanging out in the park/playground and I wear the blazer to work and when I meet my friend without the kids. I intend to wear it inside during winter. The Chuck jacket has been a great spring/summer jacket, I'm so glad I found it. Sometimes I think that it's such a shame that I almost only wear my nice clothes/boots to work, but it's inevitable if you have small children unless you want to constantly wash them. It's not really a problem, but it's been such a releif to me to be able to wear nice clothes again after 14 months of maternity leave with my daughter, and 8 months with my son. I know that it sounds really shallow, but spit ups and yoghurt stains can be quite a challenge!

Dixie boots, Etoile linen tee, Etoile scarf, J Brand jeans and Jerome Dreyfuss Billy bag.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Wishlist 2011 update

I made a wishlist for 2011 in March. I don't really know if it has helped me stay more focused when it comes to shopping, I've certainly strayed away from it more than I've sticked to it, but I've managed to find some items that I felt were missing in my wardrobe. I love all the things I got, and I've been wearing them a lot.
1. The perfect black blazer/jacket. Found it - Helmut Lang.
2. A small cross body bag, you might have seen it before, Jerome Dreyfuss Mini Twee.
3.Some kind of sandals with heels - found them. A.P.C.
4. Spring jacket -  Etoile Chuck jacket.
5. Black slouchy skinny jeans.
6. Basic black good quality sweater.
7. Shorts. Found them, Hope time shorts.

I haven't found any black slouchy jeans. I was tempted by R13's slouch skinny jeans in black, but the price and the fact that they're a bit too distressed  was off-putting. I'm also still looking for a black crewneck wool/cashmere sweater. It seems like it shouldn't be that hard, but it's impossible! I'm thinking something like this, but I want to be able to try it on first.

I've also realised that I need to add some items to my list.

8. A black cardigan. I've lost my Acne cashmere cardigan. I'm so upset, I've never lost a piece of clothing before. I think that it might have fallen off the stroller in the park. Argh!! Acne make good knits, and it's hard to find a great cashmere cardigan. I really loved mine, and when I got it I felt like this price was OK for something that'd get lots of wear. I've had it for two years, and I have been wearing it every other day during winter. I have a lightweight black cotton cardigan that's about to fall apart, so I'm getting desperate. Now that I need a new one, there's nothing! I was hoping that A.P.C would make one, but I haven't seen any yet. I was able to snatch the last one in small from the Hope online sale yesterday, here, but I think that it might be too lightweight. It doesn't have to be cashmere, but soft wool, I'm pretty sensitive. So, this only proves that great basics are hard to find!

9. A cardigan in burgundy. I've seen a picture of an Etoile burgundy cardigan that my favourite store here will get later this fall, it seems really nice.

10. A winter coat. This is my least favourite thing to shop for. There are no nice really warm coats. There are tons of lovely wool coats for fall, but when it gets really cold I need something to keep me warm when my kids drag me to the playground (I can't even tell you how much I hate the playground in January). I have an Acne down parka, it's really warm but that's the only good thing about it. It's huge. I feel like I'm walking around in a down tent. Hope has a pretty nice parka, here, but no. It's pretty much like the one I've got. Instead, I found this little thing. It's a down liner to wear underneath your coat. Hm, I've never though of that before. What do you think? I've tried it on, it's pretty nice and would definitely fit underneath my Isabel Marant wool coat. Still, do I want to pay  €160 for something that I wear underneath my coat? Would it be too much of a hassle putting on two jackets?

The wishlist is most likely to be continued, I'm weak when it comes to fall clothing.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dixies and plaid

Isabel Marant raw silk plaid shirt, J Brand jeans and Dixie boots.
I succumbed to the Dixie boots. I tend to always look for slighly better, or just different, versions of boots and shoes that I already have, and that I'm perfectly happy with. It's a really annoying and irrational habit. This happened when I saw Isabel Marant's Dixie boots. I have the Dicker boots in both leather and taupe suede. I wear the leather ones more than the taupe suede ones, I'm a bit scared that I'll get them dirty or ruin them since they're so light. I can't say that I love the Dixies more than the Dickers, I like them equally, but they are quite different and so comfortable. The colour, cognac, is a lot nicer than it looks like in the pictures. I should have taken a close-up photo, but now I've dropped them of at my cobbler for a protective sole and new heel caps, the plastic ones that they come with fall apart after a couple of weeks so I figured I might as well replace them now. Unbelievable for such expensive boots. I've decided that I can't justify keeping my taupe suede Dicker boots, even though they're so pretty, so they're on eBay now, here, along with my A.P.C black lace up boots and some Etoile tops. All things I really like but that don't get enough wear.
When I find something I really love, like the leather Dickers, I worry that I might wear them too much, and that I'll never be able to find them again, so I tend to get something similair to alternate with. Do you also worry that your most beloved boots/clothes will never be able to be replaced if you wear them until they fall apart?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Transitional pieces - fall

Transitional pieces - fall
Transitional pieces - fall by garderob

Tomorrow is the last day of my nine weeks off from work. I can't complain, nine weeks is a pretty long time, but I'm not quite over summer yet. We've had more rain than usual here, so I could easily enjoy a few more sunny weeks. Going back to work always means that fall is approaching, and early fall, September/
October, is my favourite season when it comes to dressing. I love knits, boots, layering and coats. So, playing around on polyvore, I created two sets of what I'd like to wear this fall. Lots of black, I guess I've missed it, even though I wear black year round. I decided to keep the sunglasses in the sets for at least a month or two!
The Hope Chy boots and Isabel Marant's Dixie boots are my current obsessions, but besides that, I think I can pretty easily make my own versions of these looks. Oh, except the bags too:)! The Hope pants are my favourite pants, I've worn them all summer, but they will work with boots and a knit or blazer too. I love the Etoile sweater, and I've tried it on, but the neck with leather trim means dry clean only - definitely off-putting.
Are you ready to leave summer behind and get into a layering mood?

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I find dressing for summer somewhat harder than for spring and fall, and I also find myself wearing things I wouldn't during the rest of the year, like these Etoile pants. First, printed pants is something I normally wouldn't look for and second, they're like pyjama pants! I guess my subconscious inner bohemian takes advantage of the situation. I'm also wearing an Etoile tee and my new Opening Ceremony sandals.

I recently found some bracelets on Etsy (the ones to the right) here, here with a bracelet in silver and gold from Be Christiansen.

Do you also walk out the door wearing pyjama pants, or something else you normally wouldn't wear, during summer?
P.S Sorry for being such a bad blogger, but I have a feeling I won't be posting much in the nearest feature. I just don't have the energy or the inspiration right now. I still love reading your blogs, though!

Friday, July 22, 2011

On the list #1 and some off the list shopping

With lots of help from S at Mommystyle I've been able to get my hands on something I've been looking for for a long time - a black blazer. It's was #1 on my 2011 wishlist. I blame this picture from Lagarconne for my obsession with it :
Perfection! I have the pants and the tee, and the blazer (Helmut Lang) is just what I've been looking for. Obviously the outfit doesn't look like that on me! However, the blazer looks good with skinny jeans as well as slouchy pants, and can easily be dressed down. I can't let go of the Hope boots in the photo either. My black Hope boots work with skinny pants, but not with slouchy pants. I've become more of a pants person lately, so these would be perfect. If I decide to get them I'd have to sell my Hope Charlie lace up boots, even though I love them.  The dilemmas! Here it is with IM boots, J Brand jeans and an Etoile linen tee.

I also got the Opening Ceremony sandals I've liked for a long time, at a 70% discount. They're black leather instead of the beige suede ones I think are prettier, but they're still really nice.

Finally, some stores already got a few fall items. I'm not quite ready for fall yet, but I'm such a sucker for fall clothes, it's my favourite time of the year when it comes to dressing. I haven't been tempted by a whole lot, but I couldn't resist this Isabel Marant Etoile linen tee in indigo - such a beautiful colour. Etoile linen tees drape beautifully and so far I find the quality really good.

I'm quite happy with my wardrobe now, so I'll try to be restrictive when it comes to fall purchases. Knits and boots are my weaknesses, and I'm guessing I'll see lots of that soon. It'll be a challange!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The past few weeks have been the most exhausting weeks of my life. I'm glad that it's over, and at the same time sad. I hope that we'll be able to stop by the house sometimes and have a look at the cherry tree we've planted in the garden for my daughter.
I did have a really nice break at the festival, though. I really needed it. It was wonderful as always - great people, sunny weather and good music -  listen to this girl, from a completely different occation:
She was amazing. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but here are a few:

The view from our cottage.

This is where we stayed.

Now I have to catch up on my blog list!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


My dad passad away very suddenly in January this year. I'm still trying to understand that he won't be around to see my kids grow up. He loved being a grandad. The time has now come for me and my family to go through his belongings, clean out and eventually sell the house he built, and where I grew up. Therefore, I'm taking a couple of weeks off blogging. I'm also going to festival with my husband, without the kids. I hope it will be a nice break from a very emotional situation. So, take care and enjoy summer!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blue and plaid

Jak & Jil

Besides stripes, a have a soft spot for plaid and blue, pretty often combined. If  I have a choice I always go for the blue version of something I like. When it comes to plaid I love Isabel Marant's plaid shirts, the materials and the colours are usually exactly what I'm looking for and feel comfortable in. I love that she repeats the plaid shirts every season. For me, blue is a neutral just like black, grey and white. I definitely wear more blue than white tops/shirts. The result of my weakness for blue and plaid is that my wardrobe contains more than a few items like the ones below.

J Brand jeans, Etoile shirt, Dieppa Restrepo oxfords, Acne belt, Etoile linen tee, vintage belt, A.P.C wedges, Rag & Bone shirt, Rag & Bone ballet flats, Etoile plaid jacket, Isabel Marant necklace.


I just realised that my past few posts are more detailed versions of this old post. Nothing I planned, I guess I'm running out of ideas, haha! Do you also find yourself choosing one colour/print in particular?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More dressing for summer

More dressing for summer

More dressing for summer by Garderob

This is how I'd like to dress for summer, I love the Opening ceremony sandals and the summery A.P.C bag. My slouchy version of the collage is this first picture - Etoile linen pants, Hope tee and A.P.C sandals. As the temperature rises I tend to wear more slouchy than skinny pants and jeans, but my skinny lightweight Rodebjer pants are comfortable when it's warm too - here with an A.P.C tee, A.P.C wedge espandrilles and Jerome Dreyfuss Mini Twee bag.

The A.P.C tee is a good example of why I've been buying that brand since the late 90's. It's a classic stripe tee with a nice neckline, buttons and excellent quality cotton. When I was a student in the late 90's/early 2000's A.P.C didn't have an online store, you had to sign up for the catalouge and call and place an order. I remember how I used to save up and wait for the catalouge to arrive, it was like waiting for Christmas! I wish I would have saved all the catalouges, it'd so much fun to have a look at them now. I have a feeeling that their aesthetic is pretty much the same. I have a few really old A.P.C items, and I still like them and wear them occationally. It's the only brand I can think of that I've liked for such a long time. I usually don't like the entire collection, but there are always one or two pieces that could fill a hole in my wardrobe. I especially love their shoes, knits and coats. Do you have a brand that you keep coming back to?