Sunday, March 13, 2011

On my style

A common post in blogs is a list of what defines your style. I love reading lists, and find them quite useful and inspiring. So, about me:

1) I love shoes. I have more than I need, but it's my soft spot. Ankle boots in particular...They are perfect for the climate here, as long as there's no snow. I live in the south of Sweden, and we haven't had any snow for two months now, a fact that my feet celebrate! My Margiela shearling boots saved me in December- mid-January, but I was so sick of wearing them every day. I don't own any pumps, I feel more comfortable with my Isabel Marant boots.

With heels - L.D Tuttle, Hope, Isabel Marant.
Flat - A.P.C, Hope*2


2) I love stripes. When I was a teenager, all the "indie kids" wore stripes. I was an indie kid, which means that I listened to mostly British independent bands; Ride, Charlatans, The Stone Roses and so on. I haven't fallen out of love with the stripes yet.

Hope, T by Alexander Wang, Hope, Permanent Vacation and A.P.C

3) I'm pretty obsessed with fabrics - cotton, silk, cashmere and linen are my favourites.

Silk shirt Boy by Band of Outsiders, Etoile linen long sleeve and Luella cashmere cardigan.

4) I also love plaid. That's probably another remnant from my teens when I was in love with Kurt Cobain, I was a grunge girl too. I still have a thing for grandpa cardigans.

Etoile/IM plaids.

5) I hardly ever wear tees. I wear long sleeves or tank tops. I have no idea why. I wear short sleeved tees all the time now - I guess I've found the right ones:)!

6) I more of a shoe than a bag person, if I had to choose. I think that shoes complete an outfit in a way that a bag can't. I have one bag for work, a big tan Hope shopper. I use my Jerome Dreyfuss Billy when I don't work. I have an old Alek Wek, WEK1933, messenger that I really like as well. When I go out for a drink/beer, I have small black bag by w.e.r.n . I've been eying another Jerome Dreyfuss bag for quite some time now. My Billy is to big to carry around when I take the kids to the park, or meet friends. I need a small cross body bag that I don't have to leave on the stroller, and that will just fit my things, no pacafiers or toys!

7) I prefer black, grey and all kinds of blue to bright colours. I love burgundy too.

8) I don't wear a lot of jewellery. I wear a Tissot watch and a silver bracelet+necklace by a jewellery designer called Vanja evey day.

9) I hardly ever wear skirts. I wear dresses occationally, and shorts during summer.

10) I almost always wear skinny jeans, but as you might have noticed, I'm trying to change that:)!

Does all this make my style seem incoherent? I really don't know. I like good quality basics with subtle details, but sometimes fall in love with a print as well. More often plaid than prints, though. I'd love to see your lists!


  1. I absolutely enjoyed this post. And ooh you have two of the isabel marant shoes! And the dream shoes from A.P.C. !!!

  2. I love your wardrobe! Especially your ankle boots and plaid shirts!

  3. Thanks for such an interesting post! I love your boots collection.

  4. yay, I love this post! I think you have such a beautiful and coherent collection. It all looks like Garderoben, you know? But I think one thing missing from your pictures is a glimpse at your beautiful collection of knits! Well, I see you put one cardigan there, but I want to see more knits, haha :) Anyway, you are such an inspiration, I strive to reach that level of consistency.

  5. I have the odd crush on print as well, even though I wear them far less often. I think sometimes a print perfectly fits the mood where some neutral solid or neutral can't. Your list sounds perfect coherent to me.

  6. love this post - and thanks for sharing all these gems from your wardrobe!! :D i love stripey tops too. i was a shoes girl but have realized that i really don't need all that many. boots and handbags are my weakness, and i've quite a soft spot for ankle boots too :)

    and so funny - i just posted this AM about my love for my steven alan grandpa cardigan!

  7. this is such a fun post, thanks for sharing! i too have always been sartorially influenced by music. i don't think i'll ever get over grandpa cardigans or stripes. they've been staples in my wardrobe since i was really young.

  8. Fleurette - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the leather IM are several years old. The leather ages beautifully.
    Heart in a cage - Thanks! I never get tired of plaid!
    Aïssa - Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I actually wear all the boots, not a single pair is in the closet.
    S - Thanks, that's such a nice thing to say. You're very inspirational too, you know! About the knits, you're right, they should be part of the list. I use knits every day for 4-5 months of the year, so they deserve to be part of the list. I was actually thinking about it, but I'm so tired of them right now. I've worn way too much wool lately! I'll make a separate winter/summer knits post later this week instead!
    Lin - I agree, prints can fit the mood where a neutral can't. I used to wear lots of prints, Eley Kishimoto and such. I don't anymore, I've realised that I never use them as much as the neutrals.
    Miss Sophie - You're welcome!! I should have written boots instead of shoes. I meant shoes as in all kinds of footwear, but I don't have that many shoes - just boots! That's funny - gotta love the Grandpa cardigan!
    Jennifer - Thanks, and you're welcome! I had fun writing it. Music has been such a huge influence in my life too. Still is, but not at all like when I was a teenager. That was such a good part of my life, so I'll always love stripes, grandpa cardigans and plaid.

  9. Oh I love these posts.. i broke mine up over several posts, but it's great to have them all together so you can see the growth of your wardrobe! i love your IM boots so much. I'm desperate for a pair, really.


  10. Hannah-Rose, the boots are an investment that pays off! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. At least you have a style that satisfies you and it's pretty coherent!I'm in education as well .I teach English lanquage in primary school.Do you also work in primary school or what?

  12. I was 22 when I first heard nirvana's smells like teen spirit and I was blown away.And this happens rarely with me.One of the greatest songs ever,a true classic!

  13. Angie - I know, it's a great song. I've actually seen Nirvana live twice! I teach psychology and political science to 16-19 year olds. I'm glad I can wear my "normal" clothes to work.

  14. This is a really great post. Thank you for sharing. I may just be inspired to create something similar soon...