Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wishlist 2011

I've tried to keep a mental list of what I miss in my wardrobe. This is the first time I've actually written it down. I really don't know if it'll change my shopping habits, I rarely buy on impulse. Maybe I'll be a bit more focused , and if not, I love writing lists and had fun doing it! I've also done some wardrobe editing, and sold quite a few things on Ebay. I already got one thing that was missing - the black trousers, and I'm very happy with them. I'm not planning on a huge shopping spree, these are all things I'll look for throughout the year.

1. The perfect black blazer/jacket. This is a neverending story. I'm not thinking spring/summer jacket, more something that can be worn all year round. I'd love for it to be something like this:

Photo by Garance Doré.

2. A small cross body bag, you might have seen it before, Jerome Dreyfuss Mini Twee. A small bag that's easily carried and can't get too heavy.

Nitty Gritty

3.Some kind of sandals with heels, a summer equivalent to the IM booties that completes an outfit. A comfortable heel heigh (like the IM boots), black or tan leather. It's very unlikely that I'll find them, I have been looking for years. A.P.C might be the place to look. My favourite store here will be getting A.P.C.s wedge espandrilles, they're available online now. I'll have to see them in person before I know if they're what I'm looking for. They're pretty pricey, I don't like to pay that much for sandals, they don't last as long as boots. I'm not 100 % convinced about the rope, but that might change when I see them.

4. Spring jacket. I have an Etoile boulce tweed jacket that I'll be able to wear soon. However, it's wool and will be too warm. It's more of a fall jacket. I'm looking for something roomier, that I can wear a sweater underneath. I'm still thinking Etoile's Chuck jacket.

5. Black slouchy skinny jeans. I've been eying these, but I'm not sure if they're perfect. I'll wait and hope that J Brand Krys comes in black.

Revolve Clothing.

6. Basic black good quality sweater. I really like this Hope sweater, and the fact that it's linen/cotton.

7. Shorts, preferably in linen. I hardly ever wear skirts during summer, a dress sometimes, but I find shorts more convenient for my lifestyle. I have an A.P.C pair, and an old Henrik Vibskov pair that's about to fall apart. I like these Etoile, but I'm not sure about the waist, and definitely not in this colour, they'd get dirty in a second!

Mrs H

Those of you who write shopping/wishlists, is it working out for you? Does it keep you more focused, do you actually only look for items on your list? I hardly ever go out to "go shopping", I mostly do some online reasearch and go to my favourite stores once or twice a month when I run errands in that area .


  1. i am all about online researching and pondering about it and occasionally finally making the purchase. i have a list that i update seasonally and it really does help me focus needs/wants/dream items. i like to browse shops as well, but rarely do i ever find something at the right price that is actually what i really want to get. i can put things in an online shopping cart and then sleep on it, which significantly helps reduce impulse buys.

  2. I really love your list! I'm on the hunt for many of the same things, including the perfect black knit and slouchy black jeans (also hoping J Brand Krys style will come in this). I'm still not sure I can pull off shorts, but these Marant ones are cute! And LOVE the black blazer. I don't think the Elali fits in quite well into your #1 item, at least in your climate, because it's hard to layer with. But it can be an off list item :) I personally have been thinking that I would like to add a grey wool jacket like yours for Fall. I think I might be converting into a jacket person!

    Btw, have you seen online any other colors in the Krys? I have a sort of faded darkish wash but think I'd like a lighter color as well.

  3. I'm new to the list thing but I already wonder how did I shop before?It makes so much sense and it's so simple,sort of under my nose but i've never done before.I'm in hunt of the perfect tan leather belt as my only six months old plastic pvc one has fallen to pieces.

  4. Miss Sophie - I do the online shopping cart thing a lot too. Sometimes it scares me how much time I spend pretending that I'm buying things! It definitely reduces the chance of impulse buys.
    S - Thanks for reminding me of that blazer, even if I never find it, I can remind myself of what I'm looking for. The Elali is probably an off list item that would make me forget I ever wrote this! No, I've only seen the Krys in the wash I have, called Phoebe, and a lighter wash. The lighter one would be good for summer. I just boght C/E the Roller jeans in pacific on eBay for $50, I think they're a little lighter, but I haven't received them yet. Are you wearing yours in the Elali post, or is that the Krys? Please let me know if you see the Krys in black!
    Angie - it seems like a good idea, the list thing. I will probably fall in love with things off the list, but it'll be a good reminder of what I'm missing. I'm looking for a thin black leather belt that isn't too pricey but still good quality. I think I'll wait until summer sales.

  5. schysst lista! jag tror jag uppfyllde min egen med den svarta Acnekjolen :) ... oj jag skriver på svenska, ok?

  6. Hej Linda! Ja, jag vet inte om listgrejen funkar för mig, men det var rätt kul att göra. När jag var mammaledig och började bloggen visste jag inte vad jag skulle skriva om, så det blev bara bilder:)! Sen kom kommentarer på engelska, så när jag väl skrev något blev det på engelska. Som sagt, din blogg är toppen, tack för daglig god läsning!!

  7. i LOVE lists... whether or not i stick to them is another thing entirely! i permanently carry at least two moleskines just in case :) i think they're helpful for focussing your thinking and cutting out all the fluff. it certainly makes buying absolute favourite items easier

  8. I'm wearing the Rollers in Pacific in that pic (but I also have the Krys in Phoebe :). You got a great deal on the Rollers! Much better than getting the black pair from Revolve for full price. We'll find a good pair of black jeans this fall, I'm sure!

  9. I think making a wishlist does help keep me from making impulse purchases. But, it's not 100% effective for me. I also hardly ever go out to "go shopping," but I do spend a horrifying amount of time looking at clothes online. Sometimes this "research" helps me find the best price on the items I'm looking for, but it often does lead to impulse buys or new items to add to my wishlist.

    On an different note, my favorite summer sandals are Swedish Hasbeens. I'm not sure how you feel about clogs, but I find them to be very comfortable and versatile. They are as comfortable as the IM boots, but have a higher heel.

  10. La Fille mal Gardée - I should get a moleskin for my lists as well! You're right, they do cut out some fluff!
    S - Yes, when I realised I could get the C/E in pacific so cheap I decided to get them first. Same washes, definitely twin wardrobes:)! We'll continue our search for the perfect black ones!
    Jennifer - I know, the time I spend looking at clothes online is horrifying too. I have a full time job and two kids... not a lot of time left for my husband:)!
    I really like Swedish Hasbeens, but here in Sweden everyone is wearing them. They're doing a collaboration with H&M now that will be available soon. H&M is a Swedish company too, which means that everyone who didn't have any will get them now! I really appreciate your help anyway, thanks.