Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mini Twee

Here are some more pictures of the lovely Jerome Dreyfuss Mini Twee. The leather is beautiful. Everything is carefully thought out. There's a flashlight, a keyholder, and a mirror * love*! There's a back pocket as well, and space for credit cards inside. It goes beautifully with my Dicker boots in taupe. Best thing about it - there's no room for pacifiers or toys, only my things! Not to mention the tricolore....

It got it's first outing last night with my Rodebjer pants, Etoile tunic and IM boots. Kind of hard to see it there, but you'll surely see more pictures of it later on.


  1. yay, it looks great! All the little extras, like the mirror and flashlight, are so nice and well thought out! I totally agree, no baby things in *my* purse, although I inevitably have some kind of snack in there for emergencies. I also really like your Etoile tunic, I wanted it in blue but it sold out in my size. Such a cute outfit!

  2. love it! i love JD's attention to detail - and whimsical design sense. the mini flashlight on its leash still makes me smile in my billy bag :)

  3. it's so lovely! i love that it comes with a mirror and flashlight, what a great idea!

  4. Oh my! It's amazing! My friend has the exact same bag but in the medium size, and she says it has gotten better with some wear. And the flashlight thing is so fun.. I think all Dreyfuss bags come with it!

    And I love how you paired it with your attire. The colors go so well together!

  5. A bag with a flashlight?? I'm sold! :)

  6. The bag is wonderfully designed and functional

  7. S- Thanks! I love the little extras here! I have to make sure not to show my daughter the flashlight, she might get a little bit too impressed:)! I tried the tunic in blue, but decided this one was better for me. There might still be some blue ones, though..

    Miss Sophie - excellent attention to detail, I agree! My medium Billy doesn't have the flashlight, only the keyholder. I know that almost all other JD bags have it. I love the whimsical design sense as well!

    Jennifer:I know, it's a brilliant idea! Little things like that are crucial when I decide to buy a bag.

    Fleurette - Thanks! I can imagine that the leather gets better with some wear. The texture is amazing.

    La Fille mal Gardée - So was I:)!

    L.L: I agree, it's very special in that way.

  8. This bag is so wonderful, I have been eyeing it since I first found out about the brand a couple of weeks ago. Looks like a perfect small everyday bag. The colour is really versatile as well, goes with everything. Can I ask how much was it?:)


  9. fashionabroad - I agree, the colour goes with everything. It cost way too much for such a small bag:) - here's all the info:http://www.nittygrittystore.com/product/brand-category-shop-jeromedreyfuss/twee-mini-khaki.
    Thanks for stopping by!