Friday, March 25, 2011


Spring is in the air, it's Friday and payday - in all, a good day! I've had a busy week, so today I'll only post an outfit. Etoile sweater, J Brand jeans and Isabel Marant boots. I'm preparing a wishlist, and will post it soon.


  1. yay!! spring knits!! I really like this the marled texture of this knit. Such a great uniform you got there.

  2. what a lovely knit! i realy like the contrast in color. btw, would you kindly tell me how j brand jeans run in size? like if it runs small or big? if normally i'm wearing size 25 in other brand, should i go size up? thanks a lot:))

  3. by the way, i love your margiela shearling boots that you posted about in your 10 essentials! can you advise on how they run size-wise? (i'm a 6.5 US so i'm 36.5/37 depending...) feel free to email me - mlle (dot) sophiex (at) gmail. thanks! :)

  4. S - Thanks! I know, finally spring knits!
    Luka - Thanks! About J Brand, I think it depends on what brands you're usually wearing? They're pretty much the same as other American jeans, but larger than European jeans. J Brand jeans that are skinny run a bit smaller than the slouchy ones. I wear sz 26-27 in their 10" and 12" jeans, but sz 25 in their slouchier boyfriend jeans. I don't have any European jeans right now, but i used to have some Acne jeans, and needed to go up one size compared to J brand. Confusing answer:).. If you
    have a particular style in mind I might be able to help out more! Thanks for stopping by!
    Miss sophie - I'll email you!

  5. thank you, you are so kind:))
    i don't have any particular style in mind yet, just found some lovely skinny ones on sale on yoox. but they don't have style names. so i'll keep your description on mind and maybe just give it a try, cause quite often yoox has free shipping, so no risk involved.
    i like your style a lot, cause i can relate to it myself, but maybe i wear dresses a bit more often:))

  6. luka - you should try eBay, they're a lot cheaper there than US e-shops! Thanks! I just looked up your blog, it's lovely. Have you considered posting again?