Sunday, April 3, 2011



Dresses by Garderob featuring short blazer
The Rag & Bone silk dress above is really lovely. I think it might look good with a blazer and boots, but it would be too dressy for me. I usually wear my dresses with flat boots, I'm more comfortable that way.
Today I've been wearing an Etoile plaid dress with these Hope boots. It's a casual dress, but somehow I still feel like I'd be too dressed up if I wore it with my IM boots, even though I'm sure it'd look better. How do you feel about dresses and heels?


  1. I wear my IM boots with everything because they are never overdressed or underdressed. I don't own a dress so I don't know how the IM boots would look like with a dress, haha. Great outfit as usual. i've missed your posts tremendously.

  2. The dress looks really cute and versatile. I definitely lack some casual dresses, I would like to have some that I can just throw on and then go. I think the IM boots are quite casual but can also be dressed up if the rest of the outfit. With this I think they would look really cute and not too fancy even with the small heel. I usually prefer to look casual and not too dressed up on normal days when I only go to uni.


  3. Great outfit, as always. I think I know what you mean about the IM boots with a dress though. Even a small heel feels dressy when worn with a dress. I rarely wear dresses, but when I do, like you, I tend to wear them with flats. I love the collage you created, I would love for this type of outfit to fit into my style, but I think it does get into the too dressy for my life category, even if it is a casual outfit. The distinctions can be subtle!

  4. I always feel formal in a dress, which is why I get limited wear out of them - I don't like feeling formal. I only ever wear heels with a dress (or anywhere) when I go for a job interview.

  5. i love dresses! to me, dresses symbolizes the ultimate freedom and ease! cause as a matter of fact, dresses provide more space and room so your legs can move and run freely, and pants or jeans always restrict me and make me feel my legs are not free. they are just so, tight and i don't know how to say it, so heavy, lumpy and suffocating. i never understand why people find pants more comfortable, for me, from both physical and mental point of view: dresses are just much more loose yet comfortable, and it makes me feel free. and i never need to think about the top match bottom part, like with pants. so i don't care if wear dresses with heels or not (i don't wear heels more than 4cm anyway). actually most of my boots look a bit masculine so i don't mind they come with a bit heel at all.

  6. btw: and dresses def exude that romantic sensuality that pants can't compete with. my fav combo at the moment: dresses with ankle boots. and here i go, i can run free and feel the wind and get loose.

  7. Heart in a cage - Thanks!

    Fleurette - I agree, I usually never feel overdressed in my IM boots, except for when I wear them with dresses for work. I've never been able to pull of the bare legs+boots look, that goes for shorts and dresses. It just feels like I'm trying to hard. I love it on other people, though. I'm glad I've been missed:)!

    fashionabroad - Thanks! The Etoile dress would probably look good with bare legs and the taupe Dicker boots for summer, but I just know that I'd feel contrived.

    S - I agree, the distinctions between casual and dressy can be subtle. In this case, with the collage, it's the blazer+dress+boots with heels combination that's hard for me too pull off. I'm just beginning to feel comfortable wearing blazers/jackets inside, and that would feel less casual with a dress/skirt than jeans.

    Lin - I don't have that many dresses, and all but one are very casual and can be dressed down with a cardigan and flat boots/shoes. I don't like feeling formal either!

    luka - I love the dress+ankle boots look, I guess I might have try it more often to see if it feels OK. I used to wear dresses a lot,and I remember that it felt a bit strange in the beginning, but it was just a matter of getting used to it.

  8. Both the Rag and Bone and your IM dress are really nice! I think the IM dress looks great paired with the lace-up boots...casual, but still very put together. I think that if you paired it with your IM boots, it would look too much like a stereotypical Isabel Marant look, know what I mean? It's much more fun and interesting to mix it up, like what you've done here!

    To answer your question, I like dresses with heeled boots, clogs, and wedges. I think that traditional pumps with dresses are too dressy for everyday wear.

  9. Jennifer - I know exactly what you mean, you hit the nail on the head there:)!
    I think that this dress would look good with clogs or sandal wedges for summer, and I'm pretty sure I'd be comfortable with that. I'm still eying the A.P.C espandrille wedges...