Sunday, April 17, 2011

Closet organizing

I've edited my wardrobe, but I haven't actually organized and cleaned it yet. I usually do that a couple of times a year. Maybe you've come across  Anna Dello Russo's ten TOP rules to clean your closet :

"SPRING has arrived!
It's time to change season
into your WARDROBE.
Just few people know how to do it,
for example my mother misses my presence
in family home in crucial moments as this.
I'm going to tell you my TOP 10 rules:
1. Elimina tutta la FUFFA.
perchè fuffa genera fuffa!
I say this in Italian cause the word "FUFFA"
is difficult to translate in English, but I try.
1. Remove all RUBBISH
because rubbish generates rubbish!
2. How to FENG-SHUI teaches you,
you must make new empty ROOM
for revitalize your seasonal wardrobe.
3. Store only the whole OUTFIT.
In a future day, would not make sense
to find a simple sweater desperately.
4. Buy only thin, non-slip
HANGERS in asbestos.
Those big, slippery, old, wooden hangers
take up too much space.
5. Organize your closet by ITEMS:
coats with coats, dresses with dresses,
pants with pants, skirts with skirts ...
so you wouldn't buy the same thing twice!
6. In front of a dress to KILL or to KEEP,
ask yourself:
future generations 'll want to see it?
7. Put the SHOES away from clothes,
in the appropriate boxes with Polaroids.
The leather's smell doesn't match
with the fabric's smell.
8. Preserve the stretch STOCKINGS
in their packaging.
There's nothing worse than
wearing damaged filanca.
9. Don't SQUEEZE the clothes on each other.
like flowers in the garden need their space!
10. Don't use ANTI-MOTH chemicals,
you don't want to go out
stinking of naphthalene!"

This is too funny - asbestos hangers?? Shoes away from clothes because the smells don't match? I guess this is not a problem for someone that holds her entire wardrobe in a separate apartment. Read it here.
I have old wooden hangers, and I kind of like that they are big and take up space. They help give each item it's own space, like flowers in a garden:). Still, my closet is way too cramped, especially where the hangers are. I try to follow Anna's rule #5, not because I'm afraid I'll buy the same thing twice, but because I like organizing. I keep my jeans, striped tees, tees, tanks and longsleeves in separate piles. I also fold my cashmere sweaters/cardigans, I read somewhere hangers aren't good for cashmere. Button up shirts, dresses and some tops are on hangers. I have some lavendar bags in different places, I like the way they smell and I've heard that carpet beetles don't like it.
I have a week off from work now, and it's time for a closet organizing day, I clean it, replace the lavendar bags with new ones and organize my piles. I'll  also clean my winter shoes, insert shoe trees and put them in their boxes. Do you have any closet organizing tips?


  1. Hahaha, I've never seen her list before, but it's really funny! I don't have a great closet organization system, but I really like how you have open shelves for your knits. I want to do this as well. I find that, when my knits are in a dresser, something ends up being forgotten at the bottom of the drawer. Right now, I put my knits on the shelf above my closet rail, but it's not a great system ... I really need to buy a wardrobe perhaps! The main thing with hangers for me is that I like hangers with curved shoulders, so they don't leave indentations in the shoulders of my blouses, if you know what I mean. I still haven't found a good solution though, I mainly use these cheap plastic hangers with curved shoulders. Hope you enjoy your week off!

  2. hilarious! but for the most part she's totally right! someday i'd love to have a big walk-in closet space, but currently i keep my foldables and tees in my dresser that i share with my bf, have my own slim closet to hang dresses and shirts and my jeans and handbags, and share a larger closet for coats and jackets with my bf. limited closet space has the benefit of forcing me to keep things to a tight edit. :)

  3. I think I always ask myself the same couple of questions when thinking about my clothes:

    1) when was the last time I wore this?
    2) will i wear this again within the next 3 months?
    3) if this garment doesn't fit then can it be tailored?
    4) if this garment can be tailored...then how long have I been telling myself that I'll take it to the tailor? (I've actually had clothes sit around for 3-4 years 'waiting for the tailor'! I finally realized that I'm probably never going to take it to the tailor's!)
    5) keep an empty shelf: in my opinion, there is nothing more refreshing than the fact that I have the room to expand if I so choose!
    6) underwear drawer: throw out every bra and pantie that doesn't fit and doesn't make you feel sexy--it is AMAZING how much time I can spend looking for a pair of underwear in a disorganized underwear drawer.
    7) socks: fold up your socks and throw the ones that don't have partners out. so weird how we tend to lose socks one at a time instead of two at a time!
    8) throw/give away everything that will only fit you 'when you lose x pounds'
    9) throw away anything with holes
    10) organize by 'most worn' to 'least worn.' my jeans are at the forefront of my closet and my formal suit is at the back!

    0000 @

  4. I also agree that rubbish attract rubbish in all aspects of life not only when it comes to clothes.
    I also don't keep my shoes together with my clothes. Just before christmas me and my husband built together a big wardrobe and a smaller piece of furniture for shoes.
    The funny thing is that since then I've taken a minimalistic approach to my dressing so both pieces of furniture are practically empty which gives off a grant atmosphere.

  5. S - I have a closet with open shelves for knits, jeans, tops and tanks, and a slim closet with a rail for dresses and shirts. That one's very cramped. I need more closet rails! I know what you mean about the hangers, these old wooden ones are OK, but they require more space than I have.
    The weather here is really nice, Chuck friendly, so I think that this week will be great! I just have so many things I want/need to do...
    miss spohie - I really want a big walk-in closet! I also have limited space, and it really forces me to edit too!
    Danielle - thanks for your great tips! I recognize a few of them, like the garnments I need to take to the tailor! I love the empty shelf idea, just don't know how to make it happen! I'll keep these in mind! I really need to organize my underwear.
    Angie - The big wardrobe with separate piece for shoes sounds great! I wish I had that too. I have a closet for coats and shoes, in their boxes.

  6. As soon as my closet is ready to be moved back into I can tackle organizing it. My tees get stored in drawers, I just throw them in there, no folding, sounds bad but I have a garment steamer so I touch them up when I’m going to wear them. When tops or knits start to get shabby, I relegate them to casual wear or under layers.

    I never liked the shoes in boxes with Polaroid thing. I need to see everything in front of me, because if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind. And I prefer to see them on shelves. Those over the door racks look too messy for me. I got a lot of wooden hangers from when a shop was going out of business, but now I’m running out. I’ll have to see if I can find some that match up. Using the same hangers really makes a huge difference in looking neat. I use plastic for my casual stuff, and try to keep the hangers grouped by color.

  7. I've always loved the idea of using polaroids to label your shoe boxes!
    My wardrobe is in need of a much needed clear out. I do enjoy that process of rediscovery when you reorganise your closet and find old favourites that can be reworked into your newly edited wardrobe.
    I recommend eBay for selling unused items!

  8. Prêt à Porter P - Thanks for sharing your tips. A garnment steamer, what a dream! I've never actually seen one, but they supposedly great. I also prefer to see my shoes, but there's not enough space in my closet to keep them on shelves.

    Alexandra - Thanks! I haven't tried the polaroids, but I like the idea even though I'd prefer to be able to see all of them on shelves. I sell on eBay all the time (as well as buy...)

  9. Haha! How funny. I'm with you, small hangers are best. I just bought a new portable clothes rack- I am trying to separate the items I want to keep (basic items I am happy with) from the items I need to either replace or perhaps discard in a season's time. That way it keeps my head clear re: what I need for my basic wardrobe. I would love to store shoes in boxes, but sadly I have thrown most of them out :(

  10. Hé, I just did that! Well not thanks to ADR but to Lucky mag which did a great piece on closet organization. Sorted bottoms, tops and outerwear. Got rid of the rubbish, selling what is too big, not useful anymore.

    I like everything to be neat and out of sight actually. If my closet is overwhelmed by too much clothes - shoes, I'm getting anxious. I need it to be clear.
    I used to want wooden hangers too but besides heavier outerwear, I'll follow the thin asbestos hanger rule!

  11. asha - I'd want to get a portable clothes rack too. I've seen a good one at IKEA, but I'm afraid my kids, especially the baby, would have too much fun with my clothes. Dirty little fingers...

    Aïssa - but what are asbestos hangers? It sounds really unhealthy to me! I feel the same way when my closet is overwhelmed, I need it to be organized and not messy.

  12. Excellent post! I love how organized your closet is. I'm an organization freak so I have to have the closet sorted properly. I LOVE the smell of fresh lavender in a closet.

  13. Lindsay K - Thank you! This photo was taken before I reorganized it, so I need to sort it more properly. I was supposed to do it this week, but the weather has been to nice, i've been outside instead!

  14. That is hilarious! I'm in the process of cleaning out my closet right now and I have to say, I'm not that good at it. I obviously keep the things I wear all the time, and then from there I mostly check how the pieces make me feel emotionally. Some make me feel so horribly guilty for not wearing them, and those have to go. And some make me super happy to see, even if I don't wear them often, and those stay. I also usually put things on probation, into the back closet of the guest room. If I get the urge to pull them out and wear them, keep, if they are never missed at all, out they go. But most important, use asbestos hangers!

  15. Nomadic D. - Oh, I know that guilty feeeling, I usually let those go. I have some clothes on probation too, I just find it hard to decide how long I should let them stay there. Some of them are still there for sentimental reasons, even if I know I won't wear them again.