Thursday, April 28, 2011

In my bags

I have three bags on regular rotation . A Jerome Dreyfuss medium Billy and Mini Twee and a Hope bag for work. The Mini Twee hardly fits anything, which is what I was looking for. My bags always get too heavy if there's space for more stuff. I use the Mini Twee when I go out with my family, or friends, and don't need to bring a lot of things (for myself). I want to be able to wear it cross body. During weekends we usually hang out and sometimes barbecue with friends in a park here. I don't want to leave my bag on the stroller, and I don't want a bag on my shoulder, it gets too heavy chasing the kids around. I carry a separate bag for toys, snacks and so on. The Billy is for all other occations, or when I know I'll need to fit more things.
In my Mini Twee there's just enough space for:
  • lip balm - I'm addicted,  Rosebud Brambleberry Rose
  • Karen Walker sunglasses in a soft case
  • small Vivienne Westwood coin purse (a gift from my husband  - he hardly ever buys me accessories or clothes, he wants to give me something I wouldn't get for myself instead. This is a rare exception, only because he thinks that Vivienne Westwood is a very cool lady).
  • iPhone (and headphones in case I'd get a five-minute walk all by myself, a real treat when you have kids:))
  • keys with a Sonic Youth Sensational Fix key strap. Sonic Youth was one of my favourite bands in the 90's, and I still really like them and was so excited so see their Sensational Fix exhibition here 2009.
  • the bag has a mirror, so no need to bring that, or a flashlight:)

  • another lip balm, a friend got this in San Francisco for me, Lip lover by Rachel Perry
  • Same Karen Walker sunglasses but in their hard case
  • Luella wallet (too big for my Mini Twee)
  • iPhone with headphones
  • lip gloss, Face Stockholm
  • The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. I read some books in English and some in Swedish, it depends on the genre. This is my third Murakami, I've also read Sputnik Sweetheart and Kafka on the Shore, the latter being my favourite.
  • Läkerol
  • Body Shop hand cream
  • +a few item that aren't in the picture - a small mirror, comb, kleenex, Moleskine, keys
    I cleaned a bunch of things out before I wrote this post - this is the edited version! The contents of my Hope bag for work are too much of a mess to post. Do you also use several different bags, or do you stick to one? Sometimes I wish I could have one bag for all occations, it'd save me a lot of time, but I don't see it happening.  I just don't think that bag exists!


  1. cool post! :D i love your sunglasses and that you've got a Murakami in your billy. i've become addicted to my kindle these days, and i miss having a novel with a nicely designed cover sometimes! how do you wear your billy btw? i'll need to do an updated version of my everyday and lite bag contents later today! :)

  2. AND let me know if you find that perfect bag that can serve you through day and night! although being a little bit of a bag fiend myself, i don't mind rotating through my collection...though i tend to change bags weekly, not everyday. changing bags daily would drive me nuts :P

  3. I always love these kinds of posts, so fun! I'm glad to see no diapers in your contents (I'm guilty of this sometimes). Your bag collection is enviable, the color of your Billy is so rich and beautiful. I'm also on the hunt for a day to night purse, I have no idea what it will be. I'd love for it to be a Chanel reissue, but that's not going to happen. So I've been thinking about the Jerome Dreyfuss Lucien (worn without fringe). But the right color combo hasn't appeared yet. I pretty much only wear one purse and wear that purse for months at a time (actually, more like years). But I do need a dressier purse. You need to get yourself a copy of A Game of Thrones, lol. I think that one blogger you like is a fan of GRRM!

  4. I love the colour and leather of that Hope bag. I also like having a little bag on weekends to travel light - sometimes I question why I lug around a novel all day when I get it read it for maybe 20 minutes.

  5. As an addict I tend to shift large to minimini from day to day. Like you I've got my favorite in the little cutie Mini Twee, but then I suddenly get the craving for my big bags. The burgundy Chloe Heloise is pure magic and a true keeper.

    My kids are nearly grown up now, but I keep three dogs so my bags are all filled up with dogs stuff...and the edited version never ever exists irl :)

  6. miss sophie- thanks!I love Murakami, I havent started reading this one yet. I mostly wear my Billy with the longer shoulder strap. But this is the medium size, I think you had/have the large, maybe they're different? I can use the shorter ones on my shoulder as well, depends on what jacket I'm wearing! I usually only use my Hope bag when I work, if I stay home after work. Then, for weekends I change, but I have another pair of sunglasses and lip balm in my Hope bag, so I don't need to move everything!

    S - I used to have a diaper bag, but it was too hideous, so now I just use a canvas bag that I put underneath the stroller. The Jerome Dreyfuss is lovely (I'd also wear it without the fringe!). I've seen another JD called Samy, that seems like a great day to night purse. It seems pretty hard to find, though. I know, I need to get A game of thrones, and yes, she's a fan! How did google translate work out? I looked it up yesterday, and it seems like there are 10 or something books, and I'm just about to finish the first Steven Erikson (out of ten), and it's so complex I don't think I could read both series at the same time!

    lin - do you mean the Billy? It's a Jerome Dreyfuss bag, and I really love the colour and the texture of the leather. My Hope bag isn't in this post, it's too much of a mess inside, I bring so much stuff back and forth to work! I didn't have the energy to organize it for this post! However, it's in an old post on my style.

    Peace in mind - yes, the Mini twee is a cutie! I used to have the Chloé Heloise in burgundy! It's such a sad story though, and long, but it got lost in the mail...I know, this edited version lasts for half a day!

  7. i sold my large JD billy recently and ended up falling right back in love with a medium one in poppy red :) just did an updated in my bag post as well and i realize that we both have circular tables! :D i prefer to wear the billy with the shoulder strap as well.

  8. I love both of your bags! Especially the Billy because of its colour.
    I'm Kafka on the Shore right now, which is also my third Murakami book! I've read Sputnik Sweetheart and Norwegian Wood. I adore his writing!

  9. We actually have started putting all of our son's thing in a hiking backpack, lol, because carrying around a heavy diaper bag was getting really uncomfortable for long outings. Also, my son doesn't really want to be in the stroller anymore, so storing in the stroller is no longer an option. It's not a very fashionable solution, but sometimes you have to sacrifice fashion for practicality! How are you liking Erikson? The first GRRM book isn't too complex, it's easy to follow despite a relatively large cast. But perhaps you should stick to one series at a time! Google Translate didn't work out very well, as you can imagine!!

  10. miss sophie - your new Billy is so lovely. A circular table and a Billy should be in every home:D!!

    heart in a cage - Thanks! I really like the colour of the Billy too, I've always had a thing for burgundy. Murakami is just amazing, there's no comparison!

    S - I've been thinking about getting a backpack too. The kids have their own mini Fjällräven backpacks, they're adorable and my daughter carries her own. Hope and Ally Capellino make great backpacks. I like Erikson - huge cast but good!

  11. Oh yes, my son needs to start carrying his own things, lol. Maybe in a couple of years. You're right, maybe it's time to at the very least upgrade the backpack, haha. I will check out Hope and Ally Capellino!

  12. S - we have a hiking backpack too, for travelling. I've been thinking how nice it'd be to have a backpack that I like, but I don't think that I want to spend that much money on it. Fjällräven is a Swedish classic, I know that it sells for an outrageous amount at Creatures of Comfort. Everyone wears it here, it's very practical.

  13. Argh those glasses! I love them so much! I too love to snoop in other people's bags, love these posts. Vivienne Westwood is an incredible woman- have you seen the documentary she did about London and art? She's so insightful.

  14. Asha - I know, I love to snoop too! You haven't found the Karen Walker you were looking for yet? No, I haven't seen that documentary, I need to look it up! She's fascinating.