Friday, October 28, 2011

Bunny rabbit

I recently got my hands on an Isabel Marant jacket that I've been looking for for a long time. The jacket is brand new, but was part of the 2008 (?) collection. I love the shape and the washed out colour, but I'm hesitant about the detachable rabbit fur collar. I've never owned anything fur in my life, but have tons of leather shoes/boots. I really love leather. Fur is different, thought. I find it hard to believe that this rabbit ended up as food. I might also add that I haven't eaten red meat in 17 years. I was a vegetarian for seven years, but couldn't resist the thought of canned tuna :), so I eat fish. It makes no sense, so maybe I'm as inconsistent when it comes to fur/leather as when it comes to food. I would never wear a fur coat, but I love A.P.C's sheepskin coat - hypocrite again! So, I'm trying to figure out if I'm OK with this fur collar. I could use the jacket without the collar, but it doesn't look half as nice. Sorry about the pictures, it's so hard to photograph black. What's your take on fur, or fur details?

Isabel Marant Etoile jacket, Rag & Bone cords, Isabel Marant boots and scarf.


  1. OMG so you were the one who won this jacket on ebay, am I right? I have been looking for this one for ages but didn't bid as I was a bit skeptical since it's very worn. Or did you find it somewhere else? Lucky you! This jacket has been on my list for years now!!

  2. A mantra that I lifted from Bazaar's style guide is "Feel good about what you spend your money on." I the type of person that if I don't like it living, I wouldn't wear or eat it dead either. I adore lambs/sheeps/goats--but I have no qualms eating one for dinner either.

  3. I agree with Pret a Porter P's quote from Bazaar's guide! I feel like clothes should make you completely confident in who you are, so I don't wear fur--not because I've personally got a moral qualm about it, but because I don't want to be walking on pins and needles about the people around me. For me, a coat is not worth the turbulence the issue brings about!

  4. It's interesting how you don't eat red meat but still are iffy about the fur collar! I think that just shows how our brains don't always function rationally when it comes to fashion. :)

    I love the jacket, I think the fur in this case seems very subtle. That said, no way would I ever wear fur while I'm living in the SF area. Too more social pressure not to. I'm pretty sure that's the main reason why I never bought this jacket back in 2008 was it? It even made the sales and everything, but I couldn't get over the fur.

  5. I don't really distinguish between fur and leather and would wear both. I'm a vegetarian like you though, but don't eat fish either. I used to be vegan, but now I eat a little cheese and random eggs. I've been vegetarian for so long now that flesh food seems foreign--and frankly, no offense to anyone, disgusting--to me. But although I started the vegetarian path for moral/environmental reasons, I'm still on it today probably more for health reasons. In my eyes, since eating meat is not necessary to survive in our day and age, I don't think killing animals to eat their meat is any different from killing them to wear their skins: both things are ultimately for our pleasure. If not for the pleasure of our tongues, then for the pleasure of our eyes and body.

    Interesting debate that you've started. I've been feeling pretty inconsistent for years now. I guess I blame part of it on fashion... ;)

  6. I don't really eat meat but I eat a TON of dairy, more than I did before...hahaha I know thats not really the same. I guess I'm hypocritcal in a lot of things anyway, so I don't think about it too much.

    I think its neat the theres a fur collar and that its removable. you could wear it on a thick cardigan!

  7. I am on the side of pro-fur. Without animal skins, humans would not have been able to survive the climate. Fur is linked to our existence and survival to me.

    I think it's better if we allow people to wear fur but advise them to purchase only from a reputable furrier. It's like the difference between a regular chicken and a chicken allowed to walk around and fed properly.

  8. Sorry, I eat meat like a maniac (MEAT!) but fur is a big no-no to me. Fur doesn't actually keep you warm, is laden with a ton of chemicals in order to stop it from disintegrating and god knows where the fur itself actually come from. I guess I'm a horrible hypocrite because I have no qualms about dropping tons of money for leather, but fur... gives me the willies. You still look lovely though (can't believe you're a mom! =))

  9. Fleurette - No, I got it off a Swedish auction site, Tradera - it's brand new with tags!

    Prêt à Porter P - that's a really good mantra, I'd say that it's true for me as well. I've just never come across anything fur that I've liked before, so it's a new dilemma for me.

    Danielle - a coat wouldn't be worth the turbulence for me either, but a collar? I'm hoping most people would assume it's fake!

    S - Well, I'm definitely not rational when it comes to this. I don't eat red meat, but have no problem wearing calf leather! My decision not to eat meat is entirely based on a gut feeling, but I have no idea why I don't feel the same way about fish:)!

    d.h.e.r - I just never liked meat that much, so it wasn't hard for me to let it go. I've always thought that if I get a sudden urge to eat meat, I will. I actually ate some chicken during my second pregnancy, I blame it on hormonal cravings. I can't really say that I don't eat meat because of health issues, I love unhealthy food (pasta with lots of cream and parmeggiano and so on), but more a feeling that I don't need to eat meat and therefore I can act environmentally responsible in this case (to compensate for all the cases where I dont).

    Alice - I eat tons of dairy too, but I've never been a vegan so it's not an issue for me. But I'm also hypocritical in a lot of ways!

    L.L - But it's not about survival today, at least not in my case. I'm sure it is in some places, but not here. The fur collar on this coay won't keep me warm, it's just a design detail, which bothers me a bit.

    Amanda - Well, I see what you mean, and leather IS different. But it's such a lovely coat...and thanks:)!

  10. I would feel slightly better buying something vintage rather than new.
    Unfortunately animals are killed since humans believe in their own exceptionalism. I know you don't like the idea of the rabbit being consumed but I believe that First Nations people had it right when they used all parts of the animal leaving no part wasted.
    The luxury market continues to want fur and exotic skins like lizard, ostrich and stingray and I don't think it will change anytime soon.....

  11. Totally with Pret a Porter P...I also (hypocrite alert!) agree about feeling slightly better about wearing vintage fur compared to 'new' fur..silly I know! x

  12. L.L - I agree, I'd also feel better about vintage fur. I don't think this coat could pass as vintage, even though I bought it from someone on an auction site, it's still brand new. I don't think that the demand for fur and exotic skins will change either.

    Milly - Me too!

  13. As a former vegetarian, I now eat meat and wear leather (shoes), but I'm still a little reluctant when it comes to fur. However, I love the look of fur and think that the collar on your jacket looks great. I dunno...I think a little fur collar is excusable. Now, if you had gone and gotten one of those neon Isabel Marant fur coats from a few seasons ago, that might be a bit more eyebrow-raising. :)

  14. I definitely don't think anyone would cause a fuss about that collar, because the coat isn't what you would traditionally think of as a 'fur coat' (most people assume something really decadent like Sex and the City or 1920s-30s giant furs). I wouldn't worry much about it!

  15. I would probably remove the collar (if it was me, personally, not you!) and wear with various scarves (creative options, hehe), or if you feel comfortable with faux, then perhaps a lovely detachable version from another store? I don't think that it would necessarily depend upon the collar, so you are pretty much free to choose, but do make sure to enjoy the jacket - it works so perfectly with the cords!

  16. ahh, the great fur debate. i think the fur collar on this lovely coat is quite subtly done, and really, if you are going to get a bit of fur, rabbit fur is probably one of the most guilt-free kinds as they are not endangered and are usually resourcefully used (as opposed to animals that are bred *purely* for their fur...). i do love my few vintage fur pieces, and i have no qualms wearing fur. i'm not vegetarian but curiously have become a quasi-vegetarian since i got to SH mostly out of health reasons.

    i think it's easy to get overly concerned about whether it's 'ok' to wear something with a fur trim. but at the end of the day, unless you work at PETA, you should feel free to wear what you want and when you want!

  17. jennifer - That's what I'm thinking too, that a collar is excusable. I know what neon fur coats you're ferreing too - not going to happen, haha!

    1957 - That's what I'm hoping too! A fur coat is different.

    LapindeLune - it's just that it doesn't look right without the collar, the dimensions look strange and it looks too big! I still think that I'll keep it.

    miss sophie - I was thinking so too, that rabbit should be one of the "better" choices. I had to explain it to my daughter the other day, she asked about the collar and howcome it was so soft. Quite a challange! She assumed that the rabbit accidentally died and thought that it was all so sad...I agreed:).

  18. Oh!! I had that jacket years ago when it came out but sold it back on eBay.

    Regarding the fur debate, I can only say that I sold back my APC fur jacket about a year ago because I just didn't feel comfortable wearing it anymore.

    It was not because of peer/social pressure because even if in Paris, people are pretty judgmental and conservative when it comes to clothes, I never felt any constraint. In the end, wearing fur made me feel like an impersonator. Not me at all.

    That said, I prefer the Etoile jacket with its fur collar...