Thursday, January 5, 2012

The holy Bator

I hope you've had a great Christmas and New year's! I'm having two weeks off from work, which means that I'm more exhausted than ever since I spend all that time with my kids! I've enjoyed celebrating Christmas with them, even though it was also hard being the first Christmas without my dad.
Besides eating chocolate and saffron rolls, I've also finally laid my hands on something I've been looking for for years, my holy grail, Isabel Marant's Bator coat. It wasn't available anywhere around here in 2009, so I gave up and got the longer Etoile version of the Bator, the Ben coat, in 2010, which was such a disappointment! There was heavy pilling, so I sold it. I thought I could end this obsession with the linen spring/summer version of the coat, the Chuck. I got it, wore it to death but it didn't in any way make me stop thinking about the Bator. So, I finally found it, used of course, but still everything I was hoping for.

 Isabel Marant coat and boots, Rag & Bone cords, Rodebjer shirt.

I also got some good basics on sale, a great black very simple Rodebjer shirt and a cardigan, a black Isabel Marant leather belt, an Etoile burgundy tencel/cashmere/silk tee and an Etoile knit. I've been resisting this knit for a couple of months, but at 40% off I finally gave in.

Same boots and pants, Rodebjer shirt and belt.

Same boots and pants, Isabel Marant Etoile knit, Hope belt.

Etoile tee, Isabel Marant belt and Rodebjer cardigan

This is actually a lot more than I was planning for, and seeing it like this is a bit nauseating. The things I like usually never make it to the sales, but I guess I was just lucky this year. I try really hard not to go crazy and buy stuff that I don't really love/need just because it's 50% off, but I know that these will get lots of use. Did you do a better job resisting the sales?


  1. Wow, you got some great deals! And congratulations on the Bator exciting!

    Enjoy the rest of your exhausting as it may be, it still must be better than going to work. :)

  2. Where did you finally find your bator coat?

  3. yay!! thats so awesome :) you look great in all the photos, i really like the cuffed-sleeves on your bator. enjoy all the chic wear you'll get out of it! :D

  4. I really like that all black outfit on you, with that unique gold belt. Simple yet with a rock n roll ‘tude.

    I haven’t lost my mind during the sales, quantity wise I’ve taken advantage of stocking up on mundane home things like hand soaps and laundry care, but I got lucky with some things—especially a “wholly” grail pair of LD Tuttle boots. If I do anything frivolous it will be some fragrance mist from Victoria’s Secret. At 75% off why not?

  5. I love that coat, it's so distinct but also understated and it made me sit up and ask who is Isabel Marant. Haha. Congrats on scoring such a lovely item, patience wins in the end.

    I have to return a pair of Sessun trousers cos they fitted oddly (not going to buy trousers online again), but haven't made any sale buys otherwise.Not to say I haven't been sorely tempted.

    Sales are an important part of strategy to stay within budget, so I say it's not necessarily a bad thing to buy more during sales.

  6. And your patience paid off, this is perfect for you! I am so familiar with that feeling of leftover desire for an item which I couldn't catch first time around - and this often includes the most unexpected affordables, like my recent desire to snag a sold out tee from Mango for only £7! I would swap almost anything to locate it. The more expensive stuff simply saddens me, because it the very thing that I am pining for will be sure to come available when I am flat out broke!

    A beautiful selection of items here - you have encouraged me to develop a little more patience:)

  7. I think that if you loved it that much to think about it for over a year, then it was meant to be!

    Sales aren't always a bad thing, if you know you will be wearing the sale items a lot.

    Happy new year, and enjoy your new outfits!

    minima/maxima, a blog about minimalist style

  8. Congrats on the Bator! Just the other day someone was asking if I was planning on selling mine. I didn't think that coat would make such a lasting impression but then the cut and quality are impressive and worth every penny. By the way, you look amazing in it!
    All your sales purchases are pretty coherent and thoughtout carefully.
    Sales haven't started yet in France, I know, unbelievable! I have my eyes on a skirt, that's about it... for the time being.

  9. jennifer - Thanks! Oh, and it's so much better than going to work, I love waking up with them not having to rush them to their preschool. But I'm completely exhausted at night!

    Wendy Wong - eBay, a French seller!

    miss sophie - Thanks, I will:)!

    Prêt à Porter P - Thanks, that outfit is slightly more rock n roll than what I usually wear, but it still feels like me. Oh, I've seen The shaper boots, they must be perfect for you!

    lin - Thanks! I know, pants are really hard to buy online, that's why I had to alter my black pants, but in that case it turned out quite good. And I agree, sales are good for staying within budget, as long as you don't end up buying things just because they're on sale.

    LapindeLune - I know, some items just create a very time consuming obsession. Usually I let it go after a while, but in this case I just couldn't. And thanks:)!

    petrichore - That's what I'm thinking too! Happy new year to you!

    Aïssa - Thanks, it's a good thing I missed you auction:)! When I saw the mohair sweater on you I was hoping that I'd make it to the sales, but I never thought it would.

    1. I suppose the Bator coat it's also my holy grail:)You look great!

  10. that isabel marant knit is amazing!

  11. Dag - I think that lots of people feel the same way:)! Thanks!

    Fashion Ice - I think so too:)!

  12. Hello,
    This is going to sound a bit strange but what size is your Bator?
    I too am hunting one down , and i have found one but it is a size 3!
    i am scared it will be too big?
    I have a jordan jacket in a 2 and it fits VERY snuggly (My Boyfriend hunted it down for me, bless him :-) )
    I am an Australian 8-10 or American 3.
    Your advive would be very much appriciated.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi,
      Not strange at all, I can completely relate! Mine is a size 1, and it's actually kind of fitted in the hip hip area. I have another Marant coat that has an oversized shape in size 0, but I think I could wear the Bator in a size 2. I'm a EU 36, US 4. I think that for you, a size 3 might be a bit too big(:. I also had the Vally jacket in size 3, but that was a very fitted style. I hope you'll find one that fits!

  13. Thank You!
    that was very helpful! I cannot wait to get my hands on one! Regards :-)