Thursday, February 24, 2011


I just got back home after a few days away. My favourite Etolie shirt, J Brand jeans and Isabel Marant boots.


  1. another great outfit! You prove that it is possible to wear child resistant clothes and still look put together and like a grown woman. I think I need to get one of her plaids one day.

  2. Great outfit, as usual! I have a question though. I read on Olivia's blog that you use Blanche from Byredo during spring. Do you think it's suitable during winter and fall too? Blanche smells acutely natural, it doesn't smell like you're wearing perfume.. as though you smell good naturally.

  3. S:Thanks, what a nice comment. I love my Etoile plaids. I know there's a cream/burgundy one just like the one I'm wearing this spring. I haven't seen it in stores yet, and have to tell myself that I don't need it...
    Fleurette: Thanks! I use Blanche all year round. Your description is very good, just a natural
    good smell. Gypsy water has a heavier scent, but I love it as is smells good throughout the day. I've never had a perfume that does that before. It was my first Byredo perfume, and since I got Blanche I've noticed that I tend to use that more during daytime, and Gypsy Water for night.

  4. Thanks for the response!
    By the way, I just saw your ebay listings and I really really want the black boucle jacket you're selling.. I saw it first on Jeanne Damas a year ago or so, and fell in love with it immediately.. oh

  5. Oh,you found me on ebay, that's funny! I know, the jacket is so lovely. I'm only selling it because it's too small. I need a sz 2, preferably in taupe. I'd be perfect for you, I'm sure! The Etoile I'm selling are all items that don't really fit. The dress and the shirt are too big...The sizes are so confusing, some eBay purchases just go wrong. I have a winter coat in sz 0, and my fall boulcé tweed jacket is a sz 3, and it's quite fitted. Too bad someone already placed a bid, almost immediately, otherwise I could have ended the auction for you. By the way, love what you got in Paris. Beautiful pieces that'll last forever.

  6. Haha, of course! I've bookmarked the IM ebay site for years now and I check it all the time. I agree with you, IM sizes are terribly confusing. Especially in jackets. But I think I've learned my lesson after buying wrong sizes and trying on a lot of different sizes. The jackets that look slim are often very very small in the size. Cocoon-shaped coats are always very big in sizes, as for linen spring coats as well.

    What do you think of the quality of IM? And I wonder what it takes for a garment to be high quality, because I didn't notice until a few weeks ago that my IM sweaters has become a bit nubbly (but still beautiful) after a couple of washes.. but I mean, that's unavoidable?! The thing is that today I tried on my IM trousers again to stretch them out, and suddenly I spotted something "nubbly" like when you put a pin in a garment and accidentally pull out a bit of the fabric... and seeing that I paid a hefty price (I still feel bad about my purchase) for the trousers, I'm starting to wonder if it's good quality? Does that nubbly-thing have anything with quality to do? The sales assistant in IM, who was Swedish by the way, she told me all about how good the quality is (especially because it's from the mainline collection, so the fabric is better than etoile's) and how to stretch the trousers out, wash them etc.. I spent almost 2 hours in the shop before I decided to buy the trousers.

  7. Fleurette, I've learned that about the jackets too. The trousers are more consistant when it comes to sizing, I think. About your linen trousers, I'm looking for something in between skinny and slouchy. I have a pair of Etoile linen pants with ankle zips, and they are very slouchy. I've realised about myself that no matter how much I love the look of very slouchy trousers, I hardly ever use them. So, there fore, yours seem perfect, skinny but maybe a little slouch around the waist after you've worn them for a while. Does that make any sense? I found them on Diani,, but that's not how I want them to fit. I like to be able to wear the waist a bit lower and slouchier. Of course, the'd be longer on me as well! Is the fit like the picture on you? Did you get a size 0? I'm usually a size 1 in her trousers. That's too bad about the nubbly thing on the trousers. Is it very visible? You've only tried them on? Not used or washed them? Very strange, it makes you wonder if there'll be more. The raw silk shirts and scarfs are kind of nubbly, but in a good way, it's just the texture of the silk. But linen and viscose? I don't know. I've had some bad experiences with viscose, but it should be Ok in a linen mix.
    About the quality of IM, I've had one major disappointment, the Ben jacket from F/W 2010 (the longer Etoile version of the Bator). I was so excited about it, since I never got the Bator. The fabric was horrible, lots of pilling after only one week. I'm very careful with my clothes, but this looked like a copy from H&M. I sold it, but I'm still upset because I like the shape. I got a mail line coat from 2008 instead, and there's such a difference. It looks perfect and brand new, even though I bought it used on eBay. I've also wondered what it takes for a garnment to be high quality. I guess it's unavoidable that wearing and washing makes sweaters and tops go nubbly, it's a question of how fast that happens. I haven't experienced that with my Etoile linen long leeves, or the plaid shirts. But I've noticed that some items are just not very well done. I got a plaid shirt/jacket from the new line a couple of weeks ago. The one I tried on first was almost falling apart, the buttons were loose and the fabric was almost falling apart. I tried on another that was very different in texture. I got that one instead even though it was a different size, because I really loved it. Very strange, though. It was expensive as well. They have to get a better quality control if they want to protect the brand. It's just unacceptable for such expensive clothes. I read that the main line sweaters this season were really poor quality as well. My new Etoile sweater seems great so far.
    Long answer, but I've been thinking about this too.