Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dream watch

One of my co-workers has an IWC watch. It's so beautiful. I've never been that interested in watches before, but in some ways I can understand why someone would pay $7000-8000 (the least expensive ones) for a watch. It's a timeless piece of craftsmanship and an investment. It'll last at least one lifetime, and might actually increase in value. My co-worker bought his in the 1980's for 8000 SEK ($1230), and it's now selling for 26000 SEK ($4000). I'd love to own an IWC watch from the Portuguese family one day. I'm pretty sure I don't have the patience to save up for it, though. The ones I like are around $8000, it's just too much. It'd take forever to save up for it. Could I ever justify buying a $8000 watch? No. I'd be more likely to save up for my dream bag, Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton. However, I'm not sure I could spend 2500-2900 euro on a bag either, even if it's the most perfect bag in the world. I just can't imagine walking into a store and actually buying something that expensive instead of going on a pretty nice family vacation, or on the big roadtrip across the U.S.A I've been wanting to take for 15 years. My friend I started talking about it way before we had kids, and now it won't happen within the next ten years, so there's time to save up!

How much would you spend on a watch/bag/piece of jewellery? Would you have the patience to save up for it? The bag and the watch are really way out of reach for me, but I think that determination and lots of years of saving could make the dream bag mine. Would it be worth it? 


  1. that's a gorgeous watch. good question!!

    i just posted about a recent big decision on my chanel bag. :P i have a few very few items that i'd be willing to subject myself to some serious years of saving to buy...but seeing as i am a bit of a handbag junkie, the big-ticket item would be the Chanel 2.55. it is definitely an out-of-body experience to plunk down that much $$ for a thing as opposed to an experience, but then again, i think so long as you limit yourself to a well-edited shortlist, and it's truly a special item, it will probably accrue quite a lot of value in your personal history.

  2. That watch is really beautiful, but I totally know what you mean. I think that anything that gets into the over $1000 range gives me serious reservation, even if I easily spend that much money on other items combined. It's not like you cannot save the money for it ... but it's just hard to justify spending that much money on a single item. For me at least. If you take a roadtrip to the US, you have to visit me!!

  3. and...i agree with S - if you do end up doing a US roadtrip in lieu of an 8k watch, you'll have to make a stop in NYC! :)

  4. As far as watches go, I have a really basic Calvin Klein watch with a black leather band- It's one of the simplest watches I've ever seen, and don't really long to have anything more expensive. Having said that- If I tired of it, I can see myself paying up to $1000-$1500 or so for a watch. It's really an item you will keep forever!

  5. miss sophie - I just never seem to be able to let go of this bag. I'm not sure if I love the idea of the bag more than I'd love the bag if I owned it.
    And of course, I'd make a stop in N.Y.C! I hope I get can there sooner, though.

    S - I know, I spend a lot on other items combined, but could I spend it on one item? Does a bag like that really have a place in my life? I wouldn't wear it to work, and I'd baby it way too much. I can't wait to go to S.F, hopefully before 2020!

    asha - my Tissot watch is very basic too, and I like it. Like you, I think that my watch limit would be around $1000, and that won't get me anywhere close to an IWC watch!

  6. I would definitely spend $1000 on a watch. It's something that you can pass on to your children and grand children. It's one of those items that's considered a family heirloom. Bags on the other hand, I cannot justify spending so much money. The most expensive bag I bought was for 450 euros and I notice that I hardly use it because I'm scared that I would damage it somehow like if I put bottled liquids inside or if my pen explodes or if I set in on the ground somewhere and there's something disgusting on the floor.

    With a watch that you wear everyday, I think the chances of 'ruining' it is less likely unless you put your arms in water or bang your wrists against something hard often. (I have a 29 month old girl so I understand that these things might happen as a mother) I have a watch from my father that I absolutely adore and that I will give to my daughter when she gets married or graduates from university. It's been around for 50 years, well-worn and treasured.

  7. I think I like the idea of certain big item things, and then I usually give up the idea when I'm close to deciding to purcahse it because I realise it doesn't seem to fit in my life. I'd like a nice watch but something like $8000 watch is way to ostentatious for my lifestyle, not to mention crazy on the pocket.

  8. Wendy Wong - how wonderful, about your fathers watch. That's exactly what I'm thinking, a family heirloom. I should look for a vintage IWC, but they are pretty expensive too. I'd feel just like you about an expensive bag like the SC for LV. What if my kids poor fruit punch all over it? A bag is definitely more likely to get ruined. When my favourite soccer team won the Swedish league in November last year someone in the pub spilled Jägermeister all over my Jerome Dreyfuss Billy bag....I missed the last minutes of the game trying to wash it off - it turned out fine but I was so upset, and at the same time happy about my team winning:)!

    lin - that's exactly how I feel! I love the idea of the SC for LV bag, but it doesn't fit into my lifestyle. When would I wear it? When I'm taking my kids to the park,lol? It's too much money for something I can't wear everyday for the rest of my life.

  9. Such a nice post.I've also thought about these issues a lot.I'd love to save for a Cartier Tank watch and Trinity ring talking thousands of euros but I'm more likely to save for 200 euros for a nice pair of shoes.
    And when it comes to travelling I gladly exchange everything for a ticket to a faraway destination.

  10. i love this topic. this is something i have spent MUCH time pondering. i agree with angie - i wouldn't gladly trade in a high-end luxury item for a vacation with my family somewhere fanatastic. unfortunately, with a young son possibilities are more limited until he gets older. that being said, i do side with the others thinking a watch is worth the $$$. i have a number of friends who inherited their father's or grandfather's watches and it's such a great heirloom. this has helped me decide to save for a cartier tank! on the other hand, luxury bags (although constantly tempting) just don't have the same practical use as a watch. good luck deciding!

  11. angie- I'd also be more likely to save for a pair of shoes than a watch, I just wish I could be more dedicated to something that doesn't mean instant gratification.

    mel - I spend a lot of time thinking about this too. A watch would be a wonderful heirloom, but I also like the idea of passing on a beautiful bag to my daughter. I wish I could find a watch that I really love that isn't this expensive. It'll take quite a while for me to decide!

  12. God, the IWC portugese is my dream watch.
    But I don't understand the price because in norway it costs more than 100 000 NOK.

  13. that's a gorgeous watch, but how do they justify the price? it is something that I have always wondered, never being a watch person myself. Although, I have been in love with the Hermes Cape Cod watches forever (it's more about the strap though) and I am tossing up whether to save for one or for a Celine bag... decisions decisions...
    The most money I've spent is on my Classic flap and I still prefer not to think about the price tag even though I love it to death!

  14. Fleurette - I know!! The prices for the Portuguese are crazy and range from 52 000- 830 000 SEK!! I mean; 830 875:-!! Insane. Check here for prices in SEK: http://www.uret.se/iwc-portuguese-c-85_117.html?page=1&sort=20a or here http://www.watchonwatch.com/sv/products/iwc/.

    La Fille mal Gardée - I have no idea how the justify the prices, quality and materials maybe? I don't know enough about watches to tell. The most expensive one is about $130 000!!

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